Makeup Products That Have Hilarious And Slightly NSFW Names

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Finding the perfect name for a product can be tricky. But apparently anything goes in the cosmetics world. These makeup products with hilarious names prove that no title is too absurd or too scandalous to fly. In an industry that's all about appearance, you can only keep raising the name bar for so long before you dip into the realm of the absurd.

The best cosmetics brands aren't above a little cheeky name play. Just look at NARS – products like Orgasm and Deep Throat are best-sellers. On the hunt for a lipstick? Why not reach for a tube of Too Faced's Naughty Nude? Even your manicure isn't safe from ridiculous makeup names like Beau-Khaki, Taint, and even Load. 

Whether you're a total beauty addict or more into natural cosmetics, the slightly NSFW names on this list will get you giggling.

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