makeup Makeup Store Employees Share The Weirdest Things Customers Have Ever Done  

Jessika M. Thomas
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Most folks who work in retail have plenty of horror stories about customers, and makeup buyers are hardly the most sane or considerate shoppers. While there are inspirational makeup stories about beauty lovers, many makeup consumers are truly unhinged.

Associates at stores like Ulta and Sephora get tons of new cosmetics samples as well as a pretty satisfactory discount. However, they also get to deal with tons of weird consumers; the perks don't compensate for the stress. But now, these diligent beauty brand employees are finally sharing their experiences on Reddit.

You may be shocked to learn that not every makeup junkie is as polite or normal as you. Some wildcard shoppers eat the cosmetic testers. Some throw products at store associates. Some even refill their empty hair conditioner bottles with sand in attempts to scam the system. No deal is worth that treachery. 

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A Customer Threw A Hairdresser At An Employee When She Couldn't Cut The Line

From Redditor u/Thewaitress13:

I've worked at Ulta for the past four years. The most memorable memory I have is [from] about two years ago. I had a lady come in, cut to the front of the line, and proceed to ask me if she could return her hairdryer. I told her yes but she would have to wait her turn since I was currently helping a customer.

That lady was not happy and proceeded to throw the the hair dryer at me, slapped the lady that she had cut in front of, and stormed out of my store. Lovely lady.

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A Customer Tried To Return Sand Instead Of Expensive Hair Products

From Redditor u/Taiz_eyes:

I had a customer return two liters of shampoo and conditioner ($109 each) and [they were] filled them with sand. When we decided not to accept the return she threw them on the ground, and they busted open. And sand, which is coarse and gets everywhere, filled the front end. Then she got arrested by mall security.

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Multiple Customers Ate The Lipstick

From Redditor u/Xisaloser:

Women who eat lipsticks. And I mean they go to the tester, pretend that they put it on, and then BITE it off and go out with the lipstick in their mouth. From what I know, it's quite common where I live. And not only is it terribly unhygienic, it's also illegal.

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A Customer Replaced Night Cream With Mayonnaise And Tried To Return The Jar

From Redditor u/Catmom_tay:

Customer returning $150 night cream jar with all the cream scooped out and replaced with mayonnaise? Very weird. And yes that has happened to me more than once. Even weirder when they get all insulted after you call them out and don't refund them. Thanks for the mayo, tho.

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