Makeup Store Employees Share The Weirdest Things Customers Have Ever Done

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Salespeople at cosmetics stores sometimes get bad raps for being rude, but when you consider the straight-up crazy questions they field from weird makeup store customers all day, it kind of makes sense. 

MUAs on Reddit explain what working in stores similar to Ulta and Sephora is really like. Some of their strange makeup store stories make Walmart's horrible customers seem perfectly pleasant. Some tales are almost too bizarre to believe, but every one is true. Next time you splurge, try not to be like every other obnoxious beauty shopper.

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    Night Cream Was Replaced With Mayo

    From Redditor /u/catmom_taye:

    Customers returning empty boxes for a refund - OK not that weird. Customer returning $150 night cream jar with all the cream scooped out and replaced with mayonnaise??? Very weird. And yes that has happened to me more than once. Even weirder when they get all insulted after you call them out and don't refund them. Thanks for the mayo though.

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    One Woman Wanted To Leave Her Baby Behind The Counter While Shopping

    From Redditor /u/Jenisaurus_Rex:

    A lady came in asking for OPI when I worked at Sephora, except she kept pronouncing it "Oh-Pee" and got very agitated when I had no f*cking idea what she was talking about.

    I also got a lady who came in to buy eyelash glue but was a few dollars short and flat out asked me if I could let her borrow a few dollars. I said no, and she then pulled out another dollar and said, "There, we're even," when she was still like, three dollars short. It was a very interesting exchange.

    The year before that, I was working at Ulta and after a woman was done checking her stuff out, asked if she could leave her sleeping baby in her stroller behind the cash register while she went to the store next door to finish her shopping. NO MA'AM, YOU MAY NOT.

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    One Customer Slapped Another While Waiting To Make A Return

    From Redditor /u/thewaitress13:

    I've worked at Ulta for the past four years, the most memorable memory I have is about two years ago I had a lady come in, cut to the front of the line and proceed to ask me if she could return her hairdryer. I told her yes but she would have to wait her turn since I was currently helping a customer. That lady was not happy and proceeded to throw the the hair dryer at me, slapped the lady that she had cut in front of and stormed out of my store. Lovely lady.

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    A Customer Wanted To Eat A Palette

    From Redditor /u/girlnextdoor480:

    Is that Too Faced chocolate bar palette... um like, edible? Like can you eat it? Heard it was made with coco powder and smelled like chocolate. Her preteen daughter was super excited about this new edible eyeshadow. Mom finally came up and asked. At this point it was around 12:30 AM on Black Friday and we were all tired. My coworker kind of stared at her, dumbfounded and said "I mean I guess at your own risk..."

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    She Filled Expensive Shampoo Bottles With Sand And Expected A Refund

    From Redditor /u/taiz_eyes:

    I had a customer return two liters of shampoo and conditioner ($109 each) and filled them with sand. When we decided not to accept the return she through them on the ground and they busted open and sand, which is coarse and gets everywhere, filled the front end. Then she got arrested by mall security.

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    A Lotion Bottle Was Filled With Water And Returned

    From Redditor /u/cosmeticcrazy:

    I've gotten lotion bottles just filled with water. "Oh, I have no idea how that would have happened I didn't use it at all?!" My goodness people...