Age Defying Makeup Transformations

Makeup can be used for so much. It can be a tool for creative self-expression, a confidence-booster for women with problem skin, or a face lift in a bottle, as evidenced by these amazing makeup transformation pictures.

Seriously, these age-defying beauty transformations are so incredible that you’ll be canceling your next Botox appointment and heading to Sephora to stock up on makeup to make you look younger instead!

One makeup artist in particular, Anar Agakishiev, is posting before and after makeup pictures on his Instagram account to prove that makeup can be just as powerful as plastic surgery (not to mention way less invasive). He makes sure to shout out the natural beauty of his clients, too, saying, “There’s no such thing as an ugly woman!” What a sweetie, and he's crazy talented.

Can you believe these transformations are solely thanks to youthful makeup?