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Evidence Making a Murderer Left Out (That'll Totally Change Your Opinion of the Case)

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We all know the story: Steven Avery was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault in 1985 and served 18 years in Green Bay Correctional, only to be exonerated once new technology for testing DNA evidence became available. A few years later, he was tried in the infamous murder trial of Teresa Halbach. The real question: Was he framed by the Manitowoc County Sheriff Department, since he was pursuing a $36 million dollar lawsuit against the state for his earlier wrongful conviction? We still don't quite have the full story, as there are several key details missing from the Netflix documentary.

There was obvious mishandling of the Steven Avery evidence by law enforcement and it's not impossible that there was a framing of Avery, that much is clear - but what was not included in the documentary is also important to examine so we can understand the case in its entirety. As flawed as the investigation by law enforcement was, that doesn't necessarily mean Avery is innocent.

From DNA from Avery's sweat found in Halbach's RAV4, to what Avery told fellow inmates in prison, to Brendan Dassey's mom reporting that Steven and Brendan cleaned the garage after Halbach's disappearance, there are several details that Making A Murderer left on the cutting room floor.

Of course we'll be interested to see what new information Anonymous releases in the coming months; for now, it's worthwhile to examine the pieces of evidence below for a fuller picture of the case.
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    Halbach’s Phone, Camera, and Other Personal Items Were Found Burned in Avery's Barrel

    Halbach’s Phone, Camera, and Other Personal Items Were Found Burned in Avery's Barrel
    Photo: Alan Cleaver / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    "Teresa’s phone, camera and [other contents of her purse] were found 20 feet from Avery's door, burned in his barrel...Two people saw him putting that stuff in there. This isn’t contested. It was all presented as evidence at the jury trial, and the documentary people don’t tell you that."

    -An excerpt from Maxim's interview with Ken Kratz

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    Avery Had a History of Violence Toward Women

    An excerpt from an Appleton Post-Crescent article, as reported by a piece from OnMilwaukee: "The filings (additional court filings by then-prosecutor Ken Kratz) also include statements from a woman, now 41, who said she was raped by Avery, who told her 'if she yelled or screamed there was going to be trouble.' There also is an affidavit from a girl who said she was raped by Avery.

    'The victim's mother indicated that the victim does not want to speak about the [incident] between her and Steven Avery because Steven Avery told her if she 'told anyone about their activities together he would kill her family,'" the filing said. According to the newspaper article, "The affidavit said Avery admitted to his fiancee that he had sexually assaulted the girl."

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    Avery Told Other Inmates He Would Torture, Rape, and Slay Young Women After His Release

    From an Appleton Post-Crescent article: "While he was in [Green Bay Correctional], Steven Avery planned the torture and killing of a young woman, new documents released Wednesday indicate. The allegations are included in 22 pages of court documents accompanying additional charges filed by Calumet County Dist. Atty. Ken Kratz."

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    Avery Created a Diagram of a Torture Chamber While in Prison

    From an Appleton Post-Crescent article: "Kratz also included in Wednesday's filings statements from prisoners who served time with Avery at Green Bay Correctional Institution. They said Avery talked about and showed them diagrams of a torture chamber he planned to build when he was released."

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