A Teen Doctor Pretended To Be A Gynecologist - And Then Things Got Super Weird

Malachi Love-Robinson is by no means the first person to pretend to be a doctor, but he may be the youngest, dumbest, and boldest. Of all the people who have pretended to be doctors, Love-Robinson is a unique case, as well as a repeat offender. He first gained national attention when, in 2015, complaints arose of what appeared to be a teenager making rounds at a West Palm Beach hospital in Florida. Doctors were shocked to discover that the 17 year old was wearing a doctor's coat with the hospital's logo and wandering into exam rooms at will, offering advice to patients. He was booted out, but not charged, and the whole event was deemed an exceedingly strange incident.

Only a year later, "Dr. Love" opened his own illegal practice, built on a foundation of false credentials and a lot of bravado. The man who had pretended to be a gynecologist went on to rob his patients, draining one 86-year-old woman's bank account of nearly $40,000. Now facing time in prison, Love-Robinson has learned the same lesson as most people who have impersonated professionals: it can only last so long before you're found out. These Malachi Love-Robinson crime facts are shocking, and they explore how the baby-faced criminal got away with passing as a legitimate doctor.