Graveyard Shift

Nine People Have Been Killed For Being Vampires By Lynch Mobs In Malawi

With nearly 200 arrests and nine murders, Malawi's government has a problem more akin to the Middle Ages than anything you'd come across today. Recently, angry and paranoid mobs have started lynching, burning, and stoning people they suspect are bloodsucking vampires.

The delusional mobs have targeted doctors and other medical professionals in particular. This has forced aid groups like the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations out of the southern African country.

As a result, Malawi's president, in a desperate attempt to slow the violence and reach out to the massively delusional mob has called on villagers to turn over suspected vampires and allow the police to handle. The modern-day witchhunt claimed several lives in September of 2017, and the paranoid mob who believe in real life vampires brutally killed two men as recently as October 19, 2017.

  • Malawi Is A Small Country With A Big Witchcraft Problem

    Malawi Is A Small Country With A Big Witchcraft Problem
    Photo: Muntuwandi/Albinisitic man portrait / Wikimedia Commons

    The Republic of Malawi is located in southeast Africa, and is a country regularly plagued by human rights violations. While its most notable violations include women's rights and child marriages, the country also suffers from an affliction of thought related to witchcraft and other absurd and associated concepts. For example, in 2016, citizens of Malawi started brutally attacking albino citizens of their nation and sold the body parts for witchcraft. While the government in Malawi attempts to clean up the country, perversion of thought and concepts of voodoo are deeply ingrained in some of the citizens.

  • Witchcraft Isn't The Only Problem In Malawi- It's Also Vampires

    And it's not just the albino citizens of Malawi who live in fear due to irrational attitudes towards witchcraft; doctors have also found themselves in danger. Recently, mobs have been attacking and murdering doctors in the country. The mobs believe that the doctors are blood sucking vampires. The Society of Medical Doctors has referred to the actions of the groups as "thuggery and mass hysteria." The medical society explained that the fear-driven mobs in Malawi believe that the stethoscopes carried by doctors are used to suck blood from victims.

  • The President Of Malawi's Society Of Medical Doctors Diagnosed The Mobs As Suffering From Shared Delusion Disorder

    The President Of Malawi's Society Of Medical Doctors Diagnosed The Mobs As Suffering From Shared Delusion Disorder
    Photo: Fred Barnard/The Grindstone / Wikimedia Commons

    The president of Malawi's Society of Medical Doctors, Dr. Amos Salimanda Nyaka, strongly condemns the acts of hysteria as barbarism. He decries the attacks and assures the people of Malawi that vampires do not exist. Dr. Nyaka calls the attacks a symptom and byproduct of "Shared Delusion Disorder." Dr. Nyaka explains that "Shared Delusional Disorder" is usually confined to a specific locality. It occurs when a dominant but deluded individual convinces other people to believe and internalize his delusion.

  • The Vampire Hysteria Can Even Be Found East In The Zambezia Province

    It's not only doctors that are getting attacked, but health workers in Malawi, as well. Police in Malawi have made nearly 200 arrests. Already, nine people have been killed by the senseless mobs on the accusation of being a vampire. The Malawi Society of Medical Doctors stated that the paranoid groups are also robbing health workers and smashing their vehicles. Mozambique's Zambezia province have seen similar attacks.