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The Cast Of 'Malcolm In The Middle' - Where Are They Now?

Updated 9 Jan 2019 51.7k views12 items

It’s been years since we last saw the Wilkerson family together onscreen, and we have to wonder: where is the cast of Malcolm in the Middle today? The show first aired on Fox in 2000, and it went into syndication shortly after the series finale, so it's safe to assume Malcolm in the Middle has countless fans around the world (possibly from multiple generations).

Given the show ended back in 2006, it's natural to wonder what the cast has been up to since. Everyone likely knows that Bryan Cranston went on to lead his own insanely popular AMC show, but few know what happened to star Frankie Muniz after the series concluded.

Let’s take a look at some of the best characters from Malcolm on the Middle, and see what the stars have been up to since the rambunctious family left our TV screens.  

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