Male Anime Characters You'd Want As Your Husband

If you're an anime fan who digs men, you might have thought about which anime characters you'd want as a husband. This poll asks you to tell the world which male anime character you'd tie the knot with, no matter what your criteria for a good anime husband may be. Perhaps your taste leans toward the sweet, sensitive, and totally ripped. If that's the case, Makoto Tachibana from Free! might be the right anime husband for you. Or maybe your preferences are a little more unconventional, and you dig a military-grade clean freak. If yes, Levi Ackerman is probably right up your alley.

Whatever your preferences, let the world know by voting up the anime men you'd marry in a heartbeat, and voting down the ones you'd leave at the altar. If the ladies are more your speed, head on over to our list of anime women you've want to marry.

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