Handsome Celebrity Men Who've Only Gotten Handsomer With Time

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Vote up the handsome fellas who've somehow become even better looking as they've gotten older, eclipsing their younger selves in overall hotness.

Unlike so many natural foodstuffs, beefcakes don't always spoil over time. Among the many celebrities who've aged well, a specific subset of famous men have, like mighty oaks, become more impressive as they've gotten older, pleasingly adding lines, wrinkles, and gnarly-ass bark to faces that were simply too beautiful when these grown men were pretty boys. Maybe it's salt and pepper hair, maybe it's maturity, and maybe it's what old-timers call character; whatever it is, you can't deny that these famous men went from snacks to full-blown meals as they got older.

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Photo: Van Wilder/Artisan Entertainment / Wikipedia