15 Photos of Makeup-Wearing Male Celebs Without Their Makeup On

Male celebrities who wear makeup are a special breed. They’re confident enough to look a little silly for the sake of fashion, but that look begins to form a mask that their fans become used to so when they appear without their made up faces it can be a little jarring. We shouldn't be so surprised that guys just kind of look like guys when they’re not wearing makeup. Sure, their eyes don’t pop as much, and they all have enough baggage under their eyes to fill a 747, but that’s what guys look like, right? It’s interesting that some of these guys kind of just look the same with or without their guyliner, but some undergo complete transformations when they apply makeup. It’s truly astounding.

Seeing male celebrities and actors without makeup can be a strange experience, especially if it’s someone whom we’re used to seeing with eyeliner and gobs of hairspray. But you have to realize that these fancy gentlemen have to take a break from their beauty routine every once and a while and just let their hair down. It must be frustrating to be one of these famous guys who wear a lot of makeup, mostly because everyone expects you to be dolled up constantly. They probably can’t even go down to their local bar without throwing on a little foundation. Find out what your favorite male celebrities who wear makeup look like underneath their favorite products.

Photo: Shutterstock.com / Shutterstock.com