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Famous Bad Boys You Think You Could Change Into Better Men

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List RulesVote up the male celebrities you think you could change for the better in a relationship.

Celebrities, they're just like you, and that includes your terrible flaws. While a handsome male celeb may portray himself as friendly and charming on camera, he can be a totally different person in a relationship. As anyone familiar with pop culture knows, many famous males exhibit behavior that suggests they do not deserve their fame. Whether they're difficult to work with or accused of crimes, celebrity men you could make better with your love require heaps and heaps of TLC. Which of these famous bad boyfriends do you think you can turn into good boyfriends? 

When it comes to celebrity men you could make better with your love, infamous cheaters like Tiger Woods and Jude Law might be hard to tame. A-list Hollywood stars, like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, have their share of relationship scandals as well. Other celebs, like Shia LaBeouf and Sean Penn, tend to run into trouble with the law, but maybe some tender loving care can calm them down. Vote up the famous men you think you could fix if you were dating them. Feel free to add any celebrity bad boys you think you can change with your love. Just don't waste all your love on these men when so many other men make much better role models.