Male Celebrities You'd Want to Be Your Bro

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With the tabloids oversaturated with stories of celebrity trainwrecks, it's easy to forget there are actually some cool male celebrities who remain down to earth despite their success. You hear more about difficult male celebrities because controversy sells, but let's take a break from negativity and celebrate celebrities who would be a good friend. It'll give you some hope for Hollywood and humanity. If you're ever feeling cynical, just remember that for every Charlie Sheen, there's a Chris Pratt. For every Bill Maher, there's a Stephen Colbert

Who are some actors you want to hang out with? Who are some musicians you'd bring to your next karaoke night? If you had your choice of fun guy celebrities, who would you select as your new bro? 

Browse this list of famous people below and pick some new friends by voting up your favorites. And please feel free to add anyone you feel is missing!

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