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Male Celebrities You'd Want Under Your Christmas Tree

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Ah, the holiday season. There's no better time of year to cuddle up and get cozy with the one you love. Or, in my case, cuddle up and get cozy with a bottle of wine and a cardboard cutout of Ryan Gosling. Wouldn't it be a Christmas miracle if a hot celebrity magically appeared underneath your Christmas tree? Hey, a hetero-normative girl can dream. What celebrity do you wish would greet you on Christmas morning, wrap you up in a blanket by the fire, and bring you puppies to cuddle? Which famous actor would you choose to veg out on the couch and watch A Christmas Story with, and then take a three hour nap and then kiss and stuff?
Who do you think would be the most scrumptious man in all of Hollywood to spend your Christmas with? Take a look at this list of everyone's favorite male celebrities and vote on your favorite! Don't see your guy on the list? Find a Christmase-y looking picture (Shia with a stocking? Tom under the tree?) and add it here so that others may bask in their beauty and decide who they'll be fantasizing about come Christmas Eve! Santa baby, hurry down the chimney (with hotties) tonight! Who knows maybe your Christmas will be full of hot guys!