Male Celebrities Who Are 5’5"

This list contains examples of male celebs who are 5'5" loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Although they stand below the average height of American men, 5'5" celebrities have taken their careers to great heights. Some celebs on this list are 5'5" actors, while other celebs are 5'5" musicians. A few of the famous male celebrities on this list are some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Who will you find on this list of male celebs who are 5'5"? They don't call him Lil Wayne for nothing. The “Lollipop” rapper, born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., stands at only five feet five inches tall. Billy Joel and Brian Johnson (AC/DC) are other musicians who look larger than life on stage despite being 5'5".

Five-five must be the perfect height for hobbits as Lord of the Rings actors Elijah Wood and Ian Holm share that height, as does the film's director, Peter Jackson. Additional 5'5" male celebs include James Cagney, Spike Lee, and Richard Dreyfuss.

Did you know so many celebrities were so short? Take a look at this list of actors, musicians, comedians, athletes and more famous men who are 5'5".