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Male Celebrities Who Are 6’2"

Updated May 7, 2021 19.6k views50 items

This list contains examples of male celebs who are 6'2" loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Almost a half-foot taller than the average height of American men, 6'2" celebrities have also had lofty careers. Some celebs on this list are tall actors, while other celebs are 6'2" athletes. A few of the famous male celebrities on this list are some of the biggest stars in Hollywood in more than just height.

Who will you find on this list of male celebs who are 6'2"? Ben Affleck is at the top. The Oscar-winning screenwriter turned mega actor's 6'2" height has helped him land such superhero roles as Batman and Daredevil. Affleck is also a Golden Globe-winning director for his 2012 film, Argo. Hugh Jackman is another popular actor who stands at six feet two inches tall, even if one of his most popular roles - Wolverine - is canonically a shorter man.

President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton are both 6'2". Other famous men who are 6'2" include Sean Connery, Ryan Reynolds, and Samuel L. Jackson. Athlete Tim Tebow is another famous 6 2 person.

Is 6'2" the best height for success in the world of celebrities? This list proves that everyone from actors to politicians to musicians thrives at 6'2".