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Strange Things You Didn't Know About Male Lactation

Updated 6 Nov 2017 26.0k views17 items

As the human race inches closer to the singularity and the idea of gender fluidity saturates our culture, male breastfeeding has become an increasingly interesting concept. While the notion that breastfeeding wouldn’t be an issue if men were doing it, the question remains, can men breastfeed? As you’ll see on this list of male lactation facts – yes and no. While some men can lactate with some simple nipple stimulation, it’s impossible for other guys to get their milk motors running. Confused? You won't be after reading these facts about male lactation.

If you’re asking, “What is male lactation?” you’re not in the minority. Nipple discharge is a scientifically hazy area, and there are many reasons why men may experience discharge from their nipples. After you read this list of man nipples facts, you’ll be so pumped that you just might try to make yourself lactate, and we applaud you for that. Can men lactate as well as women? Keep reading to find out.

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