The Best Male Pop Singers Of 2023

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2023's roster of male pop singers contains some of the greatest talent of the past decade, as well as a wide variety of crossover records, vocal ranges, lyrical styles, and fashion senses. From reggaetón superstar Bad Bunny to the one-and-only Harry Styles, this year's Top 40 male artists are ready to take over your streaming services and local radio stations with their latest music. English songwriting royalty Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John never cease to melt hearts with their emotional ballads; and sultry fan-favorite rappers Drake and Jack Harlow inevitably keep fans on the edge of their seats with surprise collaborations and controversial verses. Former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson finally discovers his own voice on his sophomore solo album Faith in the Future; and Lil Nas X continues to fearlessly shatter glass ceilings across the LGBTQ+ community. Furthermore, Gen Z pop icon Shawn Mendes starred in the animated feature musical comedy film, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile – so there's no doubt in our minds that he's got more music up his sleeve. 

Which trending male pop artists are you most excited to see live, and whose records are you currently listening to? Which of these artists will dethrone Justin Bieber as the next Prince of Pop? Vote below for the best male pop singers of 2023, and be sure to also check out this year's top new pop songs afterwards.

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