Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Male Puberty

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Everyone goes through puberty. It's usually not fun, and it might not feel like something to celebrate, but there are all sorts of exciting changes happening inside the body. Even if you've already been through puberty and you basically know what happens, you might not know the process behind it. Male puberty facts can help men everywhere get more comfortable with the way their bodies work.

When do boys go through puberty? You may be surprised to learn that the average age for puberty has been getting younger and younger. Or that men and women have the same hormones in their bodies (men just have more testosterone). This list is full of interesting facts about puberty for boys. There are changes above and beneath the skin, and there are processes under way that you might not necessarily learn in health class.

Read these interesting facts about puberty, and prepare to be amazed by the capabilities of the human body.