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The Most Eligible Bachelors Of 2020

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UPDATED: Check out the most eligible bachelors of 2021!

It's a new decade, and for many single male celebrities, it's a fresh chance to find love. Some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors are still on the market, while others recently rejoined the dating pool after splitting up with their previous partners. Who are the most attractive single male musicians, actors, and athletes in 2020? 

The bachelors on this list range in both profession and age — there's really something for everyone's tastes. Brooding, mysterious singers? Check. Kind-hearted philanthropists? Check. Young single actors are pretty common, but there's a few single male celebrities in their 40s that have yet to get married. There's still hope, ladies and gents. Figuring out who is single in Hollywood can be quite a struggle. Dating rumors surrounding co-stars pop up all the time. Many single celebs keep their love lives extremely private to avoid any unwanted attention. 

The list below includes A-list famous single men that have yet to find long-term love. It breaks down the pros and cons of each bachelor, so you can decide whether or not the eligible hottie is worthy of your vote. Spoiler alert: They're all pretty swoon-worthy. Check back later to find out which celebrity scored the highest. 

  • Sam Heughan
    Photo: The Spy Who Dumped Me / Lionsgate


    • The Outlander star has openly admitted he truly believes in finding love. 
    • He's funny, adorable, and totally hot. How can one person be all of those things? 
    • He can show you all the best spots in his home country, Scotland. 


    • If you hate Hallmark Christmas movies, you may not like to know that he was the star of one, A Princess for Christmas
    • Born: 1980-04-30
    • Birthplace: New Galloway, Scotland
    Would you go out with him?

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  • Pros:

    • What can we say? The man's gorgeous, especially in that Knives Out sweater
    • He's an animal lover, and loves hanging out with Dodger, his rescue pooch. 
    • He stays on top of current events and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. 


    • His friends report that he can be a bit anxious at times, especially when he's out of his comfort zone. 
    • Born: 1981-06-13
    • Birthplace: Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States of America
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  • Henry Cavill
    Photo: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0


    • He's one of the few men alive who can rock Superman spandex and look good doing it.
    • He loves animals, and is a huge advocate for them.
    • He's so steamy that he was a fan favorite to play Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey.


    • He's a hardcore gamer, which could be a turn-off to some ladies. He was so busy playing World of Warcraft that he almost missed the call that he had been cast as Superman!
    • He's admitted that he still struggles with insecurity. 
    • Born: 1983-05-05
    • Birthplace: Jersey, United Kingdom, with Dependencies and Territories
    Would you go out with him?

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  • Michael B. Jordan
    Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Staff / Getty Images Entertainment


    • Need we mention that below that adorable face there's the body from Creed
    • He's insanely talented. Anyone who's seen Fruitvale Station knows what's up.
    • He's no longer roommates with his parents, so you guys can have all the alone time you want. 


    • He admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that his high school prom date was his "friends with benefits."
    • Born: 1987-02-09
    • Birthplace: Santa Ana, California, USA
    Would you go out with him?

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