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Male Space Travelers: A Complete List

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Complete list of all 332 male space travelers. These are people who have been to space, but aren't necessarily astronauts. In fact, they come from a lot of different backgrounds, but the thing they have in common is that they've all flown in space. Since I'm a huge space geek, I figured I'd list them all here. You can also see a complete list of all the male space travelers here.
  • Toyohiro Akiyama
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Toyohiro Akiyama (秋山 豊寛, Akiyama Toyohiro, born 22 July 1942) is a Japanese TV journalist best known for his flight to the Mir space station aboard a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft in 1990. Akiyama is the first person of Japanese nationality to have flown in space. He was known as the "Space Journalist" (宇宙特派員) in Japan....  more
    • Age: 78
    • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Vladimir Aksyonov
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use
    Vladimir Viktorovich Aksyonov (Влади́мир Ви́кторович Аксёнов) (born in Giblitsy, Kasimovsky District, Ryazan Oblast, Russian SFSR, on 1 February 1935) is a former Soviet cosmonaut, married with two children. He graduated from institute of Engineering with diploma and graduated from Air Force Institute and graduated from polytechnical Institute. He was a candidate technical science. Aksyonov was selected as cosmonaut on 3 March 1973. He was awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union on two occasions. He retired on 17 October 1988. Flew as Flight Engineer on Soyuz 22 and Soyuz T-2. He is currently director of the institute for research of Russian mineral resources....  more
    • Age: 85
    • Birthplace: Russia
  • Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov (Bulgarian: Александър Панайотов Александров) (born December 1, 1951) is a retired Bulgarian cosmonaut. He is the second Bulgarian to have flown to space, behind Georgi Ivanov. ...  more
    • Age: 68
    • Birthplace: Omurtag, Bulgaria
  • Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov (Russian: Александр Павлович Александров; born February 20, 1943) is a former Soviet cosmonaut and twice Hero of the Soviet Union (November 23, 1983, and December 29, 1987). ...  more
    • Age: 77
    • Birthplace: Moscow, Russia