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Male Space Travelers: A Complete List  

Doug Frezman
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Complete list of all 332 male space travelers. These are people who have been to space, but aren't necessarily astronauts. In fact, they come from a lot of different backgrounds, but the thing they have in common is that they've all flown in space. Since I'm a huge space geek, I figured I'd list them all here. You can also see a complete list of all the male space travelers here.
Joseph M. Acaba is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Male Space Travelers: A Complete List
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Joseph Michael "Joe" Acaba is an educator, hydrogeologist, and NASA astronaut. In May 2004 he became the first person of Puerto Rican heritage to be named as a NASA astronaut candidate, when he was selected as a member of NASA Astronaut Training Group 19. He completed his training on February 10, 2006 and was assigned to STS-119, which flew from March 15 to March 28, 2009 to deliver the final set of solar arrays to the International Space Station. Acaba served as a Flight Engineer aboard the International Space Station, having launched on May 15, 2012. He arrived at the space station on May 17 and returned to Earth on September 17, 2012 at 6:53am Moscow Standard Time when touchdown was ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 51

Birthplace: Inglewood, Los Angeles, California

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Loren Acton is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Male Space Travelers: A Complete List
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Loren Wilber Acton is an American physicist who flew on Space Shuttle mission STS-51-F as a Payload Specialist for the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory. Acton was born in Lewistown, Montana. He went on to receive a bachelor of science degree in Engineering Physics from Montana State University in 1959, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Solar Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1965. Acton was the senior staff scientist with the Space Sciences Laboratory, Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory, California. As a research scientist, his principle duties included conducting scientific studies of the Sun and other celestial objects using advanced space instruments and serving ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 82

Birthplace: Lewistown, Montana

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Viktor Mikhailovich Afanasyev is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Male Space Travelers: A Complete List
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Viktor Mikhailovich Afanasyev Russian: Виктор Михайлович Афанасьев; born 31 December 1948) is a colonel in the Russian Air Force and a test cosmonaut of the Yu. A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. He was born December 31, 1948, in Bryansk, Russia, and is married to Yelena Ya. Afanasyeva, born 1952. They have two children. His father, Mikhail Z. Afanasyev, is deceased. His mother, Marya S. Afanasyeva, resides in Merkulyevo, Bryansk region, Russia. His recreational interests include football, swimming, and tourism. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 70

Birthplace: Bryansk, Russia

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Thomas Akers is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Male Space Travelers: A Complete List
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Thomas Dale Akers is an American former astronaut in NASA's Space Shuttle program. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 67

Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri

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