Male Strippers Describe What Really Happens At Bachelorette Parties

A lot goes on behind closed doors at hen parties - or bachelorette parties - and according to these male strippers we found on AskReddit, the details are way more salacious than you might imagine. If we're to believe these guys, there's a lot more infidelity than you might think, and everyone seems to get in on the action. Read on if you want to find out what REALLY goes on at hen parties, but be forewarned, these bachelorette party stories are quite graphic...

  • "I Did Feel Sick A Few Times"

    From Redditor /u/Nekrosis13:

    Stripped for a few years off and on privately when I was like 18-22. Lots of women trying to touch you happens, and the first ones to grab your stuff are the last ones you'd want to have grab your stuff.

    A few brides were pressured into trying to have sex with me, which I declined. The longer I maintained some degree of chub, the more money I could make, and by the end of the night everyone would be totally hammered.

    As most women would be totally drunk by the end of the night, and I'd be pretty tired and annoyed of all the screaming, usually I'd go home without actually going all the way with anyone. Sleeping with a drunk girl you don't know might sound like a great time to most guys, but I dunno, I just felt really bad if I even thought of it.

    I did feel sick a few times seeing how the brides were pressured into trying to cheat.

  • "It Is Honestly Kind Of Scary"

    From Redditor /u/bigplacebo:

    I stripped for one summer in college... Lot's [sic] of overweight (in my case black) women screaming and grabbing your c*ck. Lot's [sic] of d*ck sucking and request for "private time." It is honestly kind of scary when you look at the overall scene. I always had to have a few drinks before I went out. Ultimately I couldn't take the heat and quit after about 2 months. One particularly bad evening I had a 300+ lb woman grabbing and pulling my c*ck as I was trying to go the other way... that was my last night. Also, I worked in Newark, NJ... Not the best place and way to many drugs floating around for my liking. The money was good though. Women are probably worse than men because they honestly believe that they can have you if they want you... and they don't take "NO" very well.

  • "Crazy Sh*t Goes Down"

    From Redditor /u/beerninja76:

    I can tell u 60% of the time it was somewhat straight up stripping and the 40 percent got pretty crazy... I was in a pretty bad place in my life back then and drugs played a big part... But to answer the question yes crazy sh*t goes down.


  • "Definitely Lots Of Screaming"

    From Redditor /u/Grandtheftawkward:

    Gay male stripper for 2 years in Chicago... I did hen parties, and a few stag parties. Weirdly, my agency only sent a minder with me to male parties, not the female ones. Needless to say, hen parties were the more uncomfortable of the two. Dudes were always really nice for the most part. Once though, a guy tried to drag me into his car while I was smoking a cigarette outside after the party. Luckily, my minder happened to walk out the door exactly then. The ladies never tried to kidnap me or anything, but definitely lots of screaming and offers for "private time."