Male Teachers Describe Students They Knew Were Crushing On Them Hard

When people think of "hot teachers," usually bombshells like Jess Day or Elizabeth Halsey come to mind. However, the Ezra Fitzs and Coach Taylors of the world know that students crush on male teachers just as much as they do their female counterparts. Kids with schoolyard crushes hardly ever keep their voices down, and in the case of many male teachers, their students make their feelings overtly obvious to the point where it goes from a little bit uncomfortable to utterly creepy.

Just ask the guys below. Over on Reddit, male teachers share their students' crushes and how academically awkward it got. After all, these men just want to be teachers, not your "daddy."

  • She Fancied Him

    From sweetredberries:

    "A real eye-opener was realizing how even very young kids can get overly-attached. There was one 10 year old who acted friendly towards me until her little sister announced loudly in front of a roomful of kids 'My sister fancies you' - after which her older sister kind of melted into the background and never approached me again."

  • Ooh, Exposed!'

    From TabooTapeworm:

    "Young male middle school teacher here. I know quite a few of them who have a crush on me. There's a new fad where they tell each other's secrets and say 'Oooh, exposed!' Since when did snitching become popular? Anyway I always get told who has a crush on me. And quite often some of the girls will drop by to leave their athletic bags, or instruments, etc, in the classroom and they bring their friends in with them. When they leave I always hear comments like, 'I wish I had him as my teacher.'

    My top three worst incidents:

    • I had a girl come in at lunch. She told me 'Mr. I like you.' Knowing full well what she meant, I tried to play it off and said as nonchalant as I could, 'I like you too, you're a great student!' She was like 'No, I mean I really like you.' I couldn't believe the tenacity.
    • Another student asked me to take a picture with her towards the end of the school year. I obliged, and on the last day she printed it out and gave it to me with her Instagram on the back and a message about how cute I was.
    • A girl found my Facebook and saved my profile picture as the background to her phone. I deleted my Facebook promptly afterward.

    If only I could get that kind of attention from girls my own age."

  • Well, Now You Know

    From Larstheelephant:

    "I had one of my high-functioning autistic students tell me straight-up that all the moms call me 'Handsome ~Larstheelephant~.'

    Keep in mind this was in the middle of a lesson on the French Revolution, and I had asked a question about the bourgeoisie. He raised his hand and came out with that gem."

  • My Man, When's The Wedding?

    From watergator:

    "I have substituted and tutored kids at the high school where my mom teaches. There was a girl that started referring to my mom as her 'mother-in-law.' That got pretty weird."

  • Nothing Like A KFC Date

    From distraingotnobrakes:

    "I studied abroad in China (I'm a white male), was teaching English to Chinese middle schoolers. None of them knew I spoke any Chinese. Most of the girls in my class constantly and inexplicably talked about taking me to KFC throughout several weeks of class. I guess KFC was a popular destination for Chinese kids.

    So, on the last day after class I let them all take me to KFC (like 14 middle school girls and I). They even bought me a collectible mug that I still have 18 years later that has a cartoon Col. Sanders and says (in Chinese) 'I make the best Chicken.' It was actually a fun time and I still think of it fondly every (rare) time I eat at KFC."

  • They Loved To Watch Him Go

    From LosExpendables:

    "I'm not much to look at now, but in the mid '90s I was a much handsomer fellow. I was working at a Catholic high school at the height of my best hairstyle and my size 28 waist (those are both gone now). The first day I started, a group of giggling teenage girls were huddled and whispering and looking at me. One of them worked up the guts to come over to me and say 'Hello, sir... one question please? Just... just...'  she was blushing 'Are you married?' So yeah, a bunch of 16-year-old girls were hoping I was single. What they thought they'd do if I was, I'm not sure, but they were crushing.

    One day I'm walking down a long hallway at the school and was vaguely aware of a group of girls behind me whispering. I didn't realize they were focused on me until I heard one say 'Look at his butt!' I stopped without turning around, they burst into loud embarrassed laughter and then scattered like cockroaches when the light turns on.

    Now, in 2017, I look like the poster from About Schmidt. But I had my day once upon a time."