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17 Revenge Stories Of People Doing EXACTLY What They Were Told To Do

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Sometimes, good people in this world get the perfect opportunity for some glorious revenge. Here are some of the best ones we could find, courtesy of r/MaliciousCompliance. Vote up your favorites!

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    Make Me Give You A Different Name? No Worries

    From Redditor u/nategolon

    Years ago I worked at a busy, corporate sit-down burger restaurant. One day I’m hustling through the lunch rush and I have six college guys sit down. One guy flags me over and loudly pronounces that they’re ready to order right away.

    “What are you guys having?” I ask.

    “Guys?” the same guy says with a smirk on his face. “Guys? That doesn’t sound like a very professional greeting to me. I work at a restaurant too and if I walked up to a table and asked ‘What are you guys having?’ my manager would definitely let me know that was inappropriate.”

    The other guys at the table look kind of uncomfortable at this exchange, and just silently sit there. The main guy looks around at all of them and keeps going.

    “Why don’t you come up to us again and do it right?”

    At this point I’m looking around at my massive section of tables and getting the distinct feeling I’m going to be at this table forever. I’m trying not to lose my cool, so I smile.

    “Sure,” I say. I take several steps back and walk up again. “Gentleman, how you all doing? Ready to order?”

    The main guy smirks and nods. I look directly at him.

    “How about you, Chief? What are you having today?”

    Some of the other guys laugh. He looks angrily at me but orders his burger and a drink. I get everyone’s order and hustle off.

    I return with drinks a little while later. I set everyone’s drinks down and do the main guy last.

    “Here you go, Boss.”

    I leave before he can say anything. Through the course of their meal I call him a different nickname every time.

    “You need a refill, Pal?”

    “How’s your burger, Buddy?”

    “Need more ketchup, Bro?”

    “Can I get that plate out of your way, Dude?”

    “Any dessert for you, Amigo?”

    “Need me to split your check, Brother?”

    “Make sure to leave me one signed copy, Muchacho.”

    So by this time this guy is boiling. His friends are loving it though. As time has gone on, the rest of them keep looking at me expectantly. What nickname next?

    Finally, they all get up to leave. Lunch rush has ended and I’m chilling at this point. I casually walk up to them.

    “Thank you gentlemen for coming in.”

    The rest of the group is smiling. I look at the main guy.

    “And have a fantastic day...Hoss.”

    The rest of the guys cheer. They all head out. I grab all their receipts on the table. Surprise, surprise, the main guy left me zero for a tip. I didn’t care. It was all worth it.

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    I Can Go To Another Company? Alright Bet.

    From Redditor u/tuna_tofu

    When I pay my mortgage, I round up and divide in half. I pay half every other week. So my mortgage got picked up by another company when my mortgage company went out of business. To do what I was doing with the NEW company was $300 to enroll and an extra $40 EACH PAYMENT. Oh hell no. I spoke to my credit union and they had an auto pay that would pay my bills from my direct deposit FREE.

    So nearly a year goes by and I get one of those scary letters "You are in default on your mortgage. Unless we get X payment within 10 days of this letter we will foreclose." I was astounded since I had never missed a payment and was actually paid a couple of months ahead. I spoke with their accounting department. It seems they couldnt accept "half payments" only full payments (even though they had done so for year) so the money had to sit "unapplied" until a full payment was accrued. That made sense EXCEPT again, they got MORE than enough and it was always in there in full before the due date so on the due date they should have just taken it and applied it to the mortgage.

    So further digging, the rep says to me "OH by the way - we have $8200 of "unapplied funds" in this account. What do you want to do with it?" Uh PAY MY MORTGAGE WITH IT? "Oh we cant do that." So I had to get a check cut for $8200, pay $45 for them to overnight it to me, take it to my credit union, cash it, pay $25 for a cashier's check, and pay ANOTHER $45 to send the cashier's check BACK to them. I called relentlessly to see when it had arrived and had all kinds of postal tracking, signature confirmation, etc. Remember, I only had TEN DAYS to get this sh*t straight!

    So they get it and verify that it is applied to my mortgage and that there will be no foreclosure. The rep tells me "Well your next payment is due in 2 weeks and there will be penalties and late fees applied so the amount is XYZ AND we are raising your interest rate (to nearly twice what it was before)." Uh no. ALL THIS IS YOUR COMPANY'S FAULT. She says "You knew these were the terms and conditions when you took out your mortgage with us." Uh no. I didn't take it out with YOU, I took it out with another company and I was ASSIGNED to your company. "Well don't be late with the next payment!" Uh no. I want to speak with a manager.

    So I FINALLY get to speak to a manager and he wasn't much better. His only response "Well you can always go with another company but good luck with that these days - so many foreclosures and your credit is not very good from missing so many payments."

    So I decided to take his advice. I contacted my credit union, explained everything, showed them THEIR OWN payment transfers, AND the mortgage statements showing the other company had received the money bi-weekly like clockwork, and...the credit union took over my mortgage. I got a reduced interest rate AND [got rid of] all the fees, penalties, and got the overpayment back (I applied it to the new mortgage payments) etc.

    So when a company acts like they have you over a barrel and tells you to try to go with someone else, DO IT!!

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    You Wanna Destroy Work Culture? Sounds Good

    From Redditor u/cinemabears

    I worked graveyards in a large furniture warehouse preparing furniture for the drivers next day deliveries. Each prepper was responsible for prepping two bays for delivery.

    To prep the furniture we would unbox all furniture, put feet on couches, hardware on dressers, build dining room chairs and make repairs.

    The culture was to prep your bay and when you finished you helped the next bay and snowballed until everyone was finished and then you would hop on a cherry picker to get last minute additions or replace damaged furniture.

    This place decided to implement a production standard. You were given an allotted amount for each action down to the nut and bolt. If you added up your allotted time and you finished early you got a 10 cent an hour bonus equaling 80 cents a day. Also, this was to prevent you from helping other bays as you weren’t allotted time for other’s work.

    Malicious Compliance... I was efficient and didn’t waste any movements. I would blast through my bay, add up all the allotted time and saw that I finished two hours earlier than I was allotted.

    Rather than turn in my sheet and get 80 cents extra for the day, I sat on a comfy couch at the end of my bay and did nothing until my allotted time was up.

    I remember when the manager drove by and said, “we need you to go help —— and get damages.” I just looked at my watch, then at my beautifully prepped bay and said “I’m still prepping my bay.” Put my headphones in and leaned back while he looked completely shocked. There was nothing they could do as I was still on the clock for my bay. I saw it more beneficial to get paid for two hours of doing nothing than 80 cents to work my a** off.

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    Just Put It In The Toilet? If You Say So

    From Redditor u/lunatoons291

    Obligatory this happened to me ~8 years back. It was the summer before my senior year in high school, and my best friend at the time invited me to come stay with her and her dad’s family in Florida for two weeks.

    Much to my chagrin (on a beach vacation no less) I got my period. I had brought supplies with me just in case, and disposed of them wrapped up in toilet paper in the lidded garbage can in the shared bathroom we were using as one does.

    On the third day of the trip, her dad approached me to say that my friend’s step-brother, who lived with them, had “seen” my period products in the bathroom garbage can (like, were you digging around in there ya weirdo?) and was disgusted by it. He asked me not to throw them out there so his son wouldn’t have to “see that” (again, a lot harder to see than to avoid, imo, but I digress). I asked him where he suggested I dispose of my “disgusting” products then, to avoid upsetting his son. I thought it was a kind of ridiculous request since this is a natural body process I can’t control, but I wanted to do what I could since I was a guest there.

    But this man goes “just hold it in until we go out to dinner or something and throw it out in a public restroom.” Sir, you have a daughter. How can you not know that’s not how things work? When I asked him what I should do if that wasn’t an option, he said “just flush it then, so he doesn’t have to see it.”

    Cue malicious compliance. Yes sir, instead of wrapping up my used tampon in some toilet paper and tucking it into the trash can (that has a god d*mn LID), I will flush it down the toilet instead.

    The first one went down just fine. The second time it went down with a gurgle. But the third one made the toilet back up and overflow. I’ll always remember the sight of my friend’s dad pumping that toilet only for a partially dissolved bloody tampon to float to the surface of the bowl. I went back to putting them in the trash, and he didn’t say another word about it.

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