20 Satisfying Stories Where People Got Revenge By Simply Following Directions

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When the perfect opportunity for revenge arose, these people did nothing more than follow directions. These stories of people doing EXACTLY what they were told to do prove that the best revenge happens without lifting a finger. Vote up the most satisfying stories!

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts courtesy of r/maliciouscompliance.

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    Want His Address? It Is YOUR Account

    From Redditor u/boyinblack13x:

    I'm working in the billing queue in a call centre for one of big three telcos, and a client calls in regarding a billing concern.

    This lady calls in, is puzzled by why she got charged a one time fee $49 for a wireless access point. She's even more puzzled, why would she have that charge when she doesn't have TV services from us. And I inform she does, it stared more or less a month ago.

    She's disputing that because Optik TV isn't available in her area. Now I'm confused. She lives in a small town and there's no Optik TV there. I do a little digging and find out that someone (ex hushand) was still her on account and got 3 year contract to get a free TV for Optik TV and Internet.

    She begins to cry on the phone and tells me her now ex-husband had an affair with a younger woman, divorced her, milked her for as much as he could and apparently still is milking her for more. He totally ghosted her. Moved to Alberta, changed his email, phone number, blocked her on all social media, etc.

    In my mind I'm like, what a d*ckhead. And I'm like, well I'm sorry if you cancel the services you're on hook to pay for cancellation fees and so on. I can tell her though, I can remove his access to your account and you can also add on a password, downgrade the internet and tv to the bare essentials and I can attempt to to redirect the TV gift from his address to hers but there's no guarantee as it's been processed already.

    I can hear the light going off in her head. "Wait, what? You have where he's living at now?" "Why, yes. He's got TV and Internet services so there's a service address."

    She goes really quiet, says her lawyer & herself have been trying to track him down but his family and friends are being tight lipped about it.

    She asks if I'm allowed to give that info to her.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    I smile and reply, this is your account. You have unrestricted access for service address, phone numbers, emails that your now ex-husband provided to us to get hooked up.

    She asks if I can give her his new address, his new cell number (and the 2nd number left on the account, presumably the new woman) and contact info over the phone right now. I asked if she had a pen and paper handy. She was so ecstatic.

    And after giving her all the details from her account regarding the 2nd service address, I downgrade everything. He was a hockey fan and there was a game playing right then with his team, so I wish I could of been a fly on the wall when the game cuts out and he calls in to ask and discovers hes been removed, and there's an account PIN and he's been discovered by his ex wife and lawyer.


    TL;DR: I work billings for a television provider. I got a frantic call from a woman who swears she doesn't have an account with us. After some digging, we realize its her ex-husband who started the account in her name for himself. There's not much I can do, but she asks if I can share his personal info like new address and phone number. Technically, as this is HER account, I say yes and give her all the information she and her lawyer need to find her husband. 

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    Buy What I Could Afford? Enjoy Losing The Comission

    From Redditor u/Moshozz:

    Last month, I was shopping around for a washing machine.

    I looked up what what I wanted online and saw it was available at one of the major chains, but since I was free, I decided to go to the store in person. I went straight to the section with laundry equipment and one of the salesmen came to me. I was busy checking out the model I wanted, opening the door, reading the spec sheet and whatnot, so after he greeted me, we started talking about it.

    He asked if I'm interested in buying it and I told him I'm considering it and asked for the price. It was just shy of $900 (I knew from their website) but since I was in the store, I asked if they had in-store discounts or discounts for return customers and inquired about their payment plans.

    At around this time, a well dressed couple came into the same section, probably looking to buy something as well, and as soon as the salesman saw them, he walked to them and left me waiting.

    I called to him like, "Hey, I wasn't done." and he said, "I'm serving a client now. I'll come back to you in a bit. In the meantime, look around for something you can afford."

    Cue malicious compliance. 

    I was furious, but I'm a bit of a coward, so I walked away and went to the customer service station and started making my inquiry all over again. The attendant offered to call a sales agent for me (same guy. Apparently he's the go-to guy for washing machines) but I declined. I told her I already knew what I wanted and I just needed someone to help me with the paperwork and payment and I'll be on my way.

    She did just that, I paid the full amount out of spite, and as we were finishing up, the salesman came up to her claiming I was his client, which I denied, and the attendant listed herself as the sales agent. It turns out they earn a 10% commission from each sale and the guy just missed out on a decent bonus. Salesmen earn around $300 plus commissions monthly.

    As I left, I turned to him and said, "Turns out I could afford it." with the biggest grin I could muster. Felt good. Best part? The couple he ditched me for left without buying anything.


    TL;DR: A Salesman treats me horribly so I buy what I need though another salesperson in the same store and he misses out on the commission.

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    Call If There's A Problem? You Got It

    From Redditor u/johnt645:

    I supervised a glass manufacturing department. One night we had an issue with a thermocouple that controls the temperature of the glass. Because it was creating nuisance alarms, the operator disconnected it and forgot to notify the next shift to monitor it manually.

    We lost control of the furnace for a couple of hours, and scrapped product. The plant manager came in that morning screaming and ripped the entire staff a new one. We were trying to explain that the thermocouple needed to be fixed, but instead he continued to yell at us, tell us we were idiots and told us to monitor it and notify him every time it went into alarm, or else he would fire us.

    To further reprimand us, he insisted that we call him at home in the evening every time that temperature went into alarm so he could insure we were doing our jobs. What he did not know, and what we knew was that the alarm for the broken thermocouple happened about every 15 minutes.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    My operator was worried and asked me what he should do. “Since the plant manager was so insistent,” I told the operator to “wait until AFTER midnight, then call and inform him EVERY time it happened according to HIS direct request.”

    The Plant Manager came into work the next morning very bleary-eyed, and sheepishly told us that we did not have to do that again. He finally listened to us and we got the problem fixed.


    TL;DR: After yelling at us over a simple mistake, our plant manager told us to call him everytime an alarm went off. He didn't realize the alarm went off every 15 minutes. However, we called him every single time just like her ordered. He came in the next day tired-looking and fixed the alarm. 

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    Fax It Over? I Already Did 130 Times

    From Redditor u/Caro_Snoopy37:

    I was granted a legal name change a few months ago. Long, boring story as to why. Simply put - hated the 'unique' spelling of my first name and wanted to ditch my surname.

    Didn't have much trouble updating my name most places. Social security, driver's license, insurance, yada yada. No bumps in the road until I got to the very last thing to update. My credit card.

    I use this particular credit card a lot. I'm self employed and use this card to rack up travel points for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. However, if you've ever checked into a hotel or picked up a rental car, you'll know the name on the card must match the name on the ID.

    So I call the CC company. Told I have to fill out a certain document and mail that in, alongside a copy of the court document. Fair enough. Two weeks go by. Hear nothing, so call again. They say they haven't received it. I'm then informed they have a fax number that I can use to send in the documentation.

    So I fax in everything necessary using an app on my phone.

    Another two weeks go by. Still nothing.

    I call again. Same spiel on the other end of the phone. "Please mail or fax......" You get the deal.

    I once more did what they asked. Yet another week passes.

    I call.... again. Told the same damn script. I'm starting to get annoyed by this point. I have an upcoming trip planned and need the card to match my ID. So I ask to speak to a manager. They give me some BS of a manager not being currently available

    Anyways. Cue malicious compliance. 

    I fax in the document and court order once again. However, this time I decided I was just going to keep hitting send after the previous one had shown as delivered. I thought I'd repeat the process a few times. Just to ‘make sure’ they got it.

    After sending it 25 times the first day, I got no response. Next day I was sitting on my couch watching football. Thought I'd send the fax a few more times. By the time I realized how many times I'd hit send, I had sent it over 130 times.

    The very next afternoon I got a call from a manager at CC company. She sounded quite angry over the phone. I just played dumb.

    "You guys asked me to fax it in..."

    I got my updated card in the mail 3 days later.


    TL;DR: Spent almost 2 months trying to update my name on credit card. CC company gave me the same run around every time I called "Just fax us x and y." Faxed them X and Y about 150 times. They finally sent me a new card with the correct name.

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    Fire Me At Any Moment? Well, I Can Always Quit At Any Moment

    From Redditor u/Public_Pressure_4516:

    A few years ago, my husband was laid off at the start of summer. I had a part-time gig as a teacher, but it didn't come with benefits. I had to take a job, any job, to provide health insurance while hubby looked for a new gig. I got a job as a teller at a bank.

    I tried, but was new to keeping a till, so a few times a week, my register wouldn't balance. Never very much money - under a few dollars. But the whole staff had to stay late until we straightened it out. I felt horrible for the rest of the staff. As if that shame wasn't bad enough, my supervisor, "Mel," would remind me that I worked "at will" and they could fire me at any time. Our family's health insurance going up in smoke was terrifying to me. Sometimes it was hard to hold back tears.

    I got better as the summer went on, but every few weeks, if I would make a mistake, Mel would smile as she warned me that "You can be fired for no cause and you'd have to leave immediately." It was so fantastically over-the-top. At one point, I pointed out that constant threats didn't create a healthy environment. Her smile only broadened. "It goes both ways. You can quit at any time, you know."

    When the school year started in the fall, I needed to take my daughter to tour her new school for her first day. I asked to take my lunch in the afternoon, so I could help my daughter. Though they approved it, when it came time for my lunch, they insisted I work through my lunch because they were being slammed.. By then, hubs had found a job with insurance and, even. better, I'd been offered more hours teaching, tho still not full-time. It was enough.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    The next day I practically floated into the bank. I waited until 10 am, then told Mel I needed to talk with her. She replied that she was very busy and it would have to wait until after we closed. "Oh, I won't be here then," I said. She looked like I'd smacked her with a brick. "Wut?" I smiled. "Remember that I needed to bring my daughter to her new school yesterday? You wouldn't let me do that, so I'm doing it this afternoon." She didn't get it at all. "You can't just take an hour off when you-" I had to interrupt. "I'm not taking an hour off. I'm leaving. For good. At noon. You kept reminding me that I work "at will." Thanks for those reminders. I'm leaving for good in two hours."

    While Mel fumed, I waited on customers. I practically sang my greetings to them and was so fucking cheerful, customers kept asking me why I was so happy. :). I was delighted to tell them, "Because I'm leaving forever at noon!" After a half hour of that, Mel thought I should just go right away. And I did. I skipped right out the door, then gave Mel a very elaborate curtsey at the door. 


    TL;DR: I got a job as a bank teller when my husband lost his job. My boss would threaten to fire me at any moment because I was an "At-Will Employee." I finally had enough, and when my husband got a new position, I quit on the spot. My manager was furious.

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    Not Paying Me For My Unused Holidays? Then I Quit

    From Redditor u/NewBromance:

    Back in 2015, I worked for a pretty dismal call centre. Staff turn over was real high, with the vast majority being on temporary contracts and the promise of a permanent contract being hung over people heads to make them suck up being treated like cr*p.

    After working there for about two years, in late February of that year I was offered a permanent contract because they wanted to put me on their team leader programme.

    The pay was slightly better, the job security was better, the only major difference was how holidays where handled. People on temporary contracts where paid for any unused holidays at the end of the working year in April. People on permanent contracts had to use their holidays or they would lose them.

    I had just over 3 weeks holidays saved up, so the day I accepted I booked 3 weeks of in March so as I wouldn't lose them in April.

    March rolled around and my manager told me that my holidays had been refused. I said that's fine as long as they pay me for them, and he replied that no if you dont use your holidays you lose them. I said that I was trying to use my holidays and they where not letting me.

    He shrugged said it's the "duty of the employee to manage their holiday time wisely and I should read my contract" despite the fact I had only gotten that contract 3 weeks earlier and the holidays worked differently.

    Understandably annoyed that evening I went home and read my contract from beginning to end and discovered my manager had overlooked one crucial part of the paper work.

    The contract clearly stated I had to give a weeks notice, and that any holidays not used would be paid to any leaving employee in full on their last paycheck.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    The next day I came into work and announced I would be quitting unless paid my holidays or allowed to take the time off, and if they accepted my notice then to be sure my holiday days was included in my final paycheck.

    My boss asked me if I was really going to quit over this, and I replied was he really going to lose one of his most reliable employees over this.

    He wouldn't budge, I assume he thought I was bluffing.

    So I handed in my notice, and on my leaving interview with my manager's manager made sure to explain exactly why I was leaving.

    And yes my final paycheck did include my unused holiday days.


    TL;DR: After I was promoted, I learned that I either had to use my holidays or lose them. I requested the time off but it was denied. So, I read through my contract and learned that unused holidays are payed to leaving employees. I told my manager he either approves my time off, pays me for the holidays, or I'd quit. He said no, so I quit and got paid my holidays in my last check.

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