Mall Santas And Their Helpers Reveal The Weirdest Things Kids Have Ever Asked For Christmas

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Vote up the mall Santas with stories weirder than that one about a red-nosed reindeer.

From late November until the end of December, mall Santas listen to the demands and reluctant screams of millions of children whose parents are A-okay with plopping them into a bearded stranger's lap. These brave actors endure tantrums, handsy teenagers, and horny mothers, but the weird things people ask mall Santas for might just be the most difficult task they face. You see, when children ask mall Santas for weird presents, these pseudo-Saint Nicks need to think quickly to give the kids the answer they want to hear, lest they end up branded a bad mall Santa. A quick look at children's Christmas lists highlights the challenges mall Santas find themselves up against. But kids' weird requests of mall Santas only brush the surface of the strange things mall Santas deal with. If you thought only kids want to sit in a mall Santa's lap, then you might need to hear a song called "Santa Baby."

Thanks to Reddit, weird mall Santa stories escape the confines of shopping centers to be enjoyed by people the world over. Check out what happens when things go South at the your local mall's North Pole.