unspeakable crimes Man Applies For Job Mid-Police Chase, And It's All Caught On Camera  

Rebecca High

In the latest edition of "people who made worse decisions than you probably did today," a video captures man in Westwood, Massachusetts who was arrested in the middle of his job interview at an electronics store.

Jose Jimenez, 26, was wanted by local police for running over the police officer's foot while fleeing a traffic stop...because, you know, just fleeing the cops isn't bad enough.

But Jose was on his way to a job interview, and he wasn't about to let any old traffic misdemeanor get in the way of his hustle. He showed up at the business, casually parking his car in the lot outside. 

When police traced Jose's car to the electronics store, the owner of the store noticed and got worried. After speaking with the cops, he showed them Jose's picture, and they identified him as the perpetrator. Watch the video: only eight minutes into Jose's interview, police stormed in.