Weird Nature Watch This Brave Guy Bite A Python On Its Tail To Free It From A Car Engine  

Mick Jacobs

A snake in your boot is one thing, but a snake in your car engine is a whole other matter. In the video below, a python manages to get itself wrapped inside a car engine in Thailand.

After attempting to remove the snake for an hour-and-a-half, rescuers grew discouraged as the reptile refused to move. That is, until a Cambodian man came along and showed of a 'jungle trick' he learned from living in his village.

Imagine the rescuers surprise as this man came up to the engine, grabbed the snake by the tail, and proceeded to bite down on it. The man, Rahjit Phan, said ''This is an old trick we learned in the jungle. If a snake has caught an animal then we can bite it to let the prey escape.''

Thanks to Phan's little trick, the team finally got the reptile free from the automobile. Watch the video below to see Phan's brazen yet remarkable trick, one he doesn't recommend attempting without a bit of experience.