Weird Nature Man Catches Shark In Tiny Net In And Releases It Into Open Ocean  

Rebecca High

A Steve Irwin-type has emerged for a new generation but instead of dealing with crocodiles, he's in the business of getting up close and personal with sharks, as this video from the Abacos in the Bahamas shows.

A man spotted a shark swimming with some stingrays around the marina. Reportedly, all the sea creatures had been released by a local fisherman who wanted to show them off.

The man was appalled when he saw them, so he grabbed a net and jumped into the wire as a crowd of onlookers gathered both to jeer and to cheer. The man made an epic grab for the shark as the creature lunged and thrashed, trying to escape the net and his grasp.

The man tussled with the shark for several moments in an enthralling game of touch-and-go. Was he successful? You'll have to watch this video to find out.