WATCH Bizarre Footage Of Man Emerging From Underneath Subway Car And Dancing In Front Of His Rescuers  

Mick Jacobs

You see all sorts of antics on the New York City subway, from Broadway-level street performances to pigeons carrying full slices of pizza in their beaks. But the video below shows one NYC subway trick you've likely never seen: someone emerging from beneath a subway train.

When commuters saw a man walking along the train platform, many made attempts to save him. Instead of taking their help, the man resisted and fled beneath the platform, all as a train passed through.

As the train sat in the station and commuters wondered if the man survived, a hand poked out from beneath the platform. The man survived, and he seemed to be in pretty good spirits, dancing away from the firefighters who came to rescue him.

Since this story ended happily, it's likely that most of the New Yorkers who witnessed this promptly forgot about it because, well, it's New York and they probably saw something equally gripping at their local bodega. You probably don't see this stuff everyday, though, so check out the video below.