Total Nerd Man Performs Impressive Real-Life 'Grand Theft Auto' In Hilarious Parody  

Mick Jacobs

They say art imitates life, but what happens when life begins to imitate art? Well, that question just got answered by this man's video of himself recreating a mission from Grand Theft Auto.

Truly, this man and his production team nailed the whole thing. From the perfect bit of waddle in his walk to the spot-on special effects, this video could easily pass for GTA gameplay footage to the unassuming eye.

They even managed to produce an FBI vehicle for them to "steal," thereby making your virtual dreams very much a living, breathing reality.

Watch the video below to see just how impressive their efforts are. When you finish viewing the whole thing and its beautifully awkward choreography, you'll feel like you just completed a mission in Grand Theft Auto