unspeakable crimes The Dark And Twisted Story Of A Physician And His Corpse Bride  

Mick Jacobs

Keeping your lover's dead body sounds creepy enough without considering what age will do to their corpse. As time goes by and nature takes her toll, your lover's corpse will be reduced to a shell of what it used to be, and the video below serves as a pleasant reminder of just how unpleasant that shell is.

Yet this failed to dissuade one man, Carl Tanzler, from keeping a woman's body in his home for nine years. She wasn't even his lover, but was instead simply a woman with whom he was fixated. Upon stealing the body from her grave, Tanzler took the corpse back to his home.

During this time, the body underwent some drastic modifications so her living companion could maintain her. But no matter how hard he attempted to preserve his once-living love, the man only managed to turn her into something horrifying.

Yet he kept her all that time, committed even to a husk of the woman for whom he carried such a horrifying torch. In this instance, the concept of undying love takes quite a gruesome turn. Watch to find out how this "love story" ends.