winter This Man Rescued An Elderly Woman Trappen In An Icy River & The Amazing Moment Was Caught On Camera  

Rebecca High

This video stars a random passerby - an ordinary fellow going about his day who became the hero of what could have been a true tragedy. 

In late December of 2017, an elderly woman in Baoding City, Hebei Province in northern China found herself trapped in a frozen river, unable to free herself. 

Shi Lei was passing by and noticed the woman. Risking his life, he edged out onto the ice to try to save the woman. At one harrowing point, the woman's head disappears under the ice. Shi then smashes at the ice with his fists.

But another good Samaritan passes by and lends a hand as well, and the story has a happy ending after all. Watch this video for a nailbiting, heartwarming story about an unexpected rescue.