Amusement Parks This Guy Rode A Disney Roller Coaster 10,000 Times, But The Reason Why Is The Most Surprising  

Rebecca High
November 29, 2017

Here's a heartwarming video about a man who just really loves one particular ride Disney ride, and the surprising reason why.

In 2010, Jon Hale weighed 400 lbs. and needed a scooter to get around the park. That all changed when he had gastric bypass surgery, followed by two knee replacements. Then, the new Disney Cars ride Radiator Springs opened.

Hale was hooked, and started riding that ride as often as he could. Even getting on the ride was a victory at first, and he started going again and again, sometimes up to 52 times in an evening. 

In this video, he says he's been on the ride more than 10,000 times and feels like the staff who run it are almost like family. Let's just hope he has the Disney parks pass.