Weird Nature Florida Man Spends His New Year Singing To Alligators To Keep Them Calm During Fireworks  

Mick Jacobs

A common warning around Independence Day and New Year's is to keep an eye on your pets during the fireworks, and this warning applies to pets with scales too. One man, the Gator Crusader, filmed himself on New Year's Eve serenading his alligators as a way to keep them calm amid the booming festivities.

Though people tend to ignore or simply don't realize it, fireworks cause noise pollution, and animals often suffer the most. Dogs, cats, reptiles, and birds can all be sent into panics by these explosions.

Because of this, the Gator Crusader made sure his cold-blooded associates got to hear something else instead. Guitar in hand, he played songs for the gators, singing along to them as a babysitter would do to children.

It definitely sounds and looks a little weird, but the Gator Crusader's actions remind everyone of how all organisms require not only your attention but also your consideration. Watch the Crusader's strange but heartwarming video below.