WATCH Video Shows Man Setting Fire Inside Chicago Train During His Arrest  

Robert Wabash

When Chicago police entered a CTA Red Line train to apprehend a suspect, they likely never expected the whole thing to go up in flames. But as the footage below reveals, their attempted arrest of a suspect took quite a heated turn.

The incident began when suspect David M. Ferguson started dousing passengers, the train car, and himself in paint thinner and then setting it ablaze. This prompted another officer to get into a scuffle with Ferguson.

This prompted other officers in the area to come to their fellow officer's aid, and thankfully they did so not a moment too soon. Once they tackle Ferguson to the ground, they inadvertently spread the blaze further by knocking over the can of paint thinner.

Ferguson was taken into custody and held without bail, charged with aggravated arson and aggravated battery. Watch the video below to see his arrest, and the conflagration that followed.