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Here's What Happened To The Guy Who Ate 25 Laxative Brownies In One Hour

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What happens when someone overdoses on laxatives? That's not a question that most people are dying to know the answer to, but it's something the guy who ate 25 laxative brownies in one hour wished he'd considered beforehand. To be fair, the guy was only 14 at the time of the incident so perhaps he was not yet old enough to recognize foolishness and potential danger. Known only as BG, he took what should've been a stupid prank and turned it into a medical emergency.

When BG arrived at the hospital, he had an irregular heart rate and was in a world of pain. According to his older brother, the youth had defecated eight times in the previous 10 hours. Additionally, his urine was the color of coffee. The other boys who participated in the challenge didn't fare nearly as badly as BG did but they were also wise enough to consume only a fraction of the laxatives. 

So, what exactly happened in BG's body? You'll find out in the cautionary laxative tale found below.

  • It Started With A Bet - The First Two To Poo Had To Wear A Tutu

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    This started because of a bet that only 14-year-old boys could possibly conceive: the first two friends to poo after taking the laxative-stuffed brownies would have to wear a tutu to school. Wearing a tutu amongst their peers was apparently not an ideal option, so the boys had 15 minutes to down their multiple chocolate treats.

    They most likely disregarded the laxative's instruction indicating that adults should only take two of the pills lest dire consequences occur.


  • Older Siblings Aided In The Setup

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    Presumably, any person over the age of 14 wouldn't deign to involve himself or herself in a prank this uninspired. The boys wouldn't have been able to do the challenge, however, without the help of mature older siblings. Nate, BG's big brother, bought the laxatives over the counter. As for the brownies, none of the crew had any baking chops but an older sister offered to help with oven duties.

  • BG Won And Celebrated With More Laxative Brownies

    Twenty minutes after they polished off their brownies, a boy jetted to the bathroom. Determined to show up all of his friends, BG poked fun at the first dropout and ate five more brownies. The remaining bowel battlers managed to hang on but they didn't have it easy either: one was almost in tears because of painful abdominal cramps.

    BG laughed at his weak-stomached counterpart and scarfed down an additional five brownies. Finally, a second boy gave up, ending the challenge. BG wanted to be the undisputed champion, though, and thusly wolfed down five more brownies for good measure.

  • In A Surprising Turn, The Losers Felt Fine And The Winner Felt Increasingly Worse

    A few hours after the competition wrapped, the two losers were in good shape. The other boys, not so much. By the time BG hit the bathroom for the sixth time, his urine looked like coffee and that was only one of many symptoms he experienced. He slurred his speech, he struggled to keep his balance, and he had a sore, cramped calf muscle. Perhaps the most frightening symptom of all was a racing heart beat that left him gasping for air. An hour after he defecated for the eight time, he was discovered unconscious on the bathroom floor.