Weird Nature Watch This Manatee Push A See-Through Canoe  

Mick Jacobs

Most stories involving boats and manatee tend to end tragically, with boats responsible for the decrease in manatee populations. Thankfully, the footage below captures an adorable moment between a small vessel and a curious sea cow.

Though most manatees prefer to shy away from humans, this inquisitive manatee approaches the boat without much hesitation. Even stranger still, it begins to push the boat along, doing much more work than you usually ever see one do.

The vessel itself happens to be transparent, a feature that likely caught the aquatic mammal's eye. The person in the boat merely looks on in amazement at the creature as it slowly pushes him down the river.

The result is a funny and heartwarming look at an animal coming into contact with a foreign object and deciding to investigate. If the animal happened to be an alligator or snapping turtle, this video would tell an entirely different story.