Grogu ('Baby Yoda') Fan Theories From 'The Mandalorian' We Can't Stop Thinking About

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Warning: Spoilers

Season two for The Mandalorian has come to an end, leaving the most adorable Jedi in the universe (AKA Grogu, Baby Yoda, The Child) safe and sound as he moves forward to continue his Jedi training. But just because the season ended, it does not mean that fans have stopped speculating. In these Grogu theories, Star Wars fans theorize about his history, his past, and all the small questions in between.

Here are a few Grogu/Baby Yoda fan theories that we can't stop thinking about.

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    Grogu Can Talk, But He Is Traumatized

    Posted by u/tehmpus:

    Grogu already knows how to talk. He's being silent due to traumatization

    In "The Jedi" (Season 2, Episode 5), Ahsoka has sort of a conversation with Grogu through the Force. She said that they can in essence hear each other's thoughts.

    When asked by Din Djarin, Ahsoka explains that Grogu was taken from the Jedi temple on Coruscant after Order66. Afterwards, his memories go dark.

    I'm suggesting that Moff Gideon knows Grogu from the past. Grogu wasn't saved from Anakin Skywalker's rampage killing younglings by pure accident. There was a purpose to his rescue, and Gideon knows all about it.

    What Grogu saw that night, and what happened to him afterwards has traumatized him to the point where he shut down similar to Catatonic persons. Only by receiving kindness for the first time by this warrior hero, the Mandalorian, has Grogu started to respond and heal from the trauma.

    Maybe his speech patterns aren't adult as we would describe them, but there's a big difference between childlike speech and no speech at all. Grogu is blocked, and only by receiving continued love and protection will his voice return.

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    Grogu Will Be Returned To The Mandalorian

    Grogu Will Be Returned To The Mandalorian
    Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+

    Posted by u/lukeblackwell32:

    THEORY: Grogu will be returned to Din...

    Remember when Gideon states he had already taken the blood from Grogu - he was done with him. I believe this could have messed with Grogu’s Force ability. 

    Also, Grogu’s attachment to Din will render him unable to be trained by Luke. Grogu is a fan favorite, I don’t see him leaving for more than a season or two.

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    Why The Empire Wants Baby Yoda

    Posted by u/ConkBreaker:

    So first of all, in the latest episodes of The Mandalorian it's clear that Moff Gideon wants Baby Yoda for some experiment.

    And the episode "The Tragedy," Gideon says he's found the perfect "donor" after walking into a room of Baby Yoda using the Force to choke a few Stormtroopers. Now the Force choke isn't a skill exclusive for the Sith, but one that is used only by them, so they want him for his connection with the Force for the use of the Dark Side.

    Now this may seem like a stretch but I think this is leading up to the cloning of Palpatine. My evidence is mainly that:

    -They are looking for some kind of specific Force user as a kind of donor.

    -They have shady experiments hinting at something to be unleashed.

    -They are obsessed with reviving the Empire and when Palpatine is brought back to power that's when it actually almost happens.

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    Why Grogu Is Obsessed With The Gear Knob In The Razor Crest

    Posted by u/mchlrysnds:

    Is this why Grogu is obsessed with the gear knob in the Razor Crest? [During training], Obi Wan places this down in front of the young Padawans to show them the galaxy map in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. (This is where Anakin would have been and they’ve confirmed Grogu is the same age as him.)

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    R2-D2 Once Saved Grogu

    Posted by u/Vitaltified:

    I can’t be the only one who thought that R2-D2 appeared to know Grogu already right? I’m sure that I’m reaching here, and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it possible that R2-D2 saved Grogu from the temple?

    Obviously this seems dumb, but I’m not sure why else R2-D2 would even show up in that scene. And him and Grogu seem to have some kind of connection.

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    Why Baby Yoda Is Still A Baby After 50 Years

    Why Baby Yoda Is Still A Baby After 50 Years
    Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+

    Posted by u/seahawks_scientist:

    After watching Episode 4, it is clear that the Empire used the Child to try and clone Force-sensitive people. It is likely Snoke, but that's another theory on its own. In this theory, I believe that the constant blood extraction from Baby Yoda has reduced his ability to grow.

    We know that Yoda was a Jedi master by age 100. The child is already 50 and struggles with basic commands such as red wires vs. blue wires. His connection to the Force is growing though as he's using it subtly but more often. It's possible that during these extractions/transfusions that his Force connections started to get limited and that it reduced his growth factor, making him stay in the infancy stage longer.

    We might not see him grow for many more years or (what I believe) he will experience an exponential growth after he restores the connection to the Force that was dampened from the procedures.

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