10 Fan Theories About 'The Mandalorian' That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense
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10 Fan Theories About 'The Mandalorian' That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Disney+'s runaway hit The Mandalorian has quickly become one of the most speculated-upon shows of the last few years. From Baby Yoda's true origin to which Jedi are still kicking around ready to swoop in and help Mando with Force training, these Reddit fan theories are just out there enough to be true.

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    Why Baby Yoda Is So Powerful In The Force

    Why Baby Yoda Is So Powerful In The Force
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    From Redditor u/Orpheon89:

    Title is vague for spoilers. This is my theory why Yoda is so strong in the Force. Apologies if this is dumb or obvious.

    Very young children are more open and sensitive to the Force, hence why they're sought out and trained by the Jedi as soon as possible. So what would happen with a species that remains a baby for decades? I believe that remaining in that state for so long naturally causes Yoda's species to develop an unusually strong connection to the Force. It's not a coincidence that Yoda, Yaddle, and Baby Yoda are all strong in the Force; it's an expected outcome.

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    Mace Windu Will Return

    From Redditor u/D_Rek9160:

    This is a non-baby Yoda theory about The Mandalorian, mainly about a surprise appearance I believe may happen at the end of this season.


    Mace Windu.

    We know Jon Favreau worked with Samuel L Jackson heavily while in the MCU. Also, a few years ago Jackson also asked George Lucas personally if his character could survive, to which Lucas agreed and allowed Mace Windu to live.

    Why would Jackson petition so hard for his character to be "alive" unless he planned to possibly reprise him in some form? During the same time period, Jackson was filming several MCU films alongside Favreau.

    You do the math. Mace returns, mark it down.

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    The Meaning Behind 'This Is The Way'

    The Meaning Behind 'This Is The Way'
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    From Redditor u/Holto2020:

    I am not an expert on Star Wars lore but after seeing The Mandalorian on Disney+ I always wondered why they don't remove their helmets and say "this is the way" when we have seen so many other Mandalorian do just that in animated shows. What really struck me as odd is the animated shows were produced by Dave Filoni who also worked heavily on The Mandalorian.

    The fact that the shows have such conflicting details bugged me until I though about it. Many warrior cultures have unique traditions that stem from years and decades and generations of fighting. Most of which are about honor, both to the individual warrior and to the warriors that have come before.

    What if the Mandalorians have a tradition about once they don their armor they fight to win or die fighting. And it is considered an act of surrender and disgraceful to remove their helmet and let anyone else see your face until the fighting is over.

    In The Mandalorian Mott Gideon has the stormtroopers under his command bring out an E-Web heavy repeating blaster, apparently a very devastating weapon. He goes on to explain how it was used countless times before and similar ordinances were used on fields of Mandalorian warriors in The Night of a Thousand Tears. Devastating the Mandalorians to the point that it is now rare to see one anyplace in the galaxy. Yet we know from the show there are hundreds if not thousands more then what the galaxy sees but they wait in hiding.

    What if the Mandalorians staged a tactical retreat and scattered to their forces to the winds until they could regain their strength and come back and reclaim their home world. How ever because they did not get the opportunity to do so before the rebels destroyed the second death star the Mandalorians still clung to the belief that they may not remove their helmets.

    Honorable worries like the Mandalorians wouldn't reclaim their world after the rebels defeated the empire. To the Mandalorians that would be the same as waiting until a fight was over and then claiming spoils of war. So until they can find a decent enemy to fight they will keep their helmets on. Even the younglings. Because it is about honor. Because it is tradition. Because... "This is the way."

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    Moff Gideon Is Working For Thrawn And Trying To Become Force Sensitive

    Moff Gideon Is Working For Thrawn And Trying To Become Force Sensitive
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    From Redditor u/thesemanticsoflife:

    The magistrate:

    Ahsoka is looking for Thrawn again (will discuss later). But isnt that odd? Why would she go for any random person to find Thrawn? She isn't finding some random person thrawn bumped into at a cocktail party during the empires reign and have a conversation with. The magistrate made her money off of building star destroyers for the Empire. Even if she's retired now which is a possibility, this is someone that wouldn't meet with someone like Thrawn. The empire was very anti non human. So in order to keep that up there's no way that the empire would have a non human high ranking official discuss and coordinate building of star destroyers. And why would Ahsoka go to a old contractor for the empire to find a high ranking official of the emprie who got lost in the unknown region of space? She isn't gonna give Ahsoka a map or anything. And if the magistrate is retired who's to say she can't un retire and start bulidng destroyers again?

    Thrawn: Thrawn is back in play again. Ahsoka wouldn't look for him anywhere else then close to the unknown region of space or find people who do know how to find him there. Ezra could be dead or not. But if Ahsoka found Ezra that means she found thrawn or knows where to look. If Ezra is dead then that's no help to her quest, but if she's still looking for Ezra she wouldn't stop to find thrawn who she presumes dead after the end of rebels. There's no logical reason unless Ezra's found or dead and is back and causing trouble. And why isn't Sabine with Ahsoka looking for Ezra? Sabine was helping Ahsoka so she had to have found him or he's dead or the search didn't work.

    Maybe Sabine split up to cover more ground. Okay that's possible but Ahsoka wouldn't look for the guy Ezra presumably killed. Maybe she figures both are alive? Then why stay on a planet long enough for Bo-katan to be able to point Mando where she is, and track down a old ship builder for the empire? That's like the last person who would know. Unless Thrawn is in play again. And notice how Ahsoka is is clearly fine with telling Mando she's a jedi. She had made it clear time and time again after the bombing scandal she's not a jedi. And this isn't a simple mistake because the literal creator of Ahsoka was the director of episode 5 of season 2 of Mandalorian.

    Thrawn: Thrawn who is back in play was last in the unknown region of space. And Ahsoka's best lead is a ship builder for the empire, and Moff Gideon a non Force user looking to become Force sensitive possibly is getting intelligence from a very good source. Both of these connect to Thrawn at the very least one does. Thrawn is trying to take over the galaxy. We see this in Legends where he tried that once. And Mandalorian is pulling from Legends as inspiration. And Mandalorian is like conisderd a sequel to Clone Wars and Rebels. What better way to up the stakes, keep fans intrigued and make up as a apology for the movies 7 8 and 9. Plus, why would thrawn be connected to the emperor who everyone thinks is dead? Why not keep just building star destroyers in the unknown region and hide out when you have the element of surprise? The emperor was clearly able to build them without anyone knowing. Not even the first order. So you aren't gonna contact a old contractor (the magistrate) to do it. And even if the magistrate would do it would she even have the stuff to build the empror's planet destroying star destroyers (try saying that 5 times fast) everyone would have found out by now if they did it that way. If Thrawn is in the galaxy again with possibly contact with a imperial remant and definte contact with a person who built star destroyers for the empire, then he's getting a army ready for something.

    And another reason it can't be the emperor or the first order he's serving is because if they have him in a future show and he's stopped, that wouldn't make for a climatic ending. All this build up to lead to the destruction of on gernals plan? That'd just be shown in one show and its very unlikely they show that in The Mandalorian. Thrawn won't play second fiddle anymore either. Not when there's a power struggle after the empties collapsed and he can take what he wants to build his empire, even if he finds out the emperor is alive

    He just has no reason to. And Thrawn being so smart knows that a simple planet destroying ship won't work. It won't scare people anymore after 2 got blown up. And even if he had a thousand like the emperor did in episode 9 there's millions or billions of worlds you have to destroy. You can't just destroy one world anymore. And with not as many forces what does a cunning thrawn do? He makes genetic super soldiers.

    Which is possible. Clone troopers in the Clone Wars are, well clones. Several people close to Gideon have Kamino patches on them which is where the clone troopers where made and we see Dark troopers which are super soldiers from Legends. And we know clone troopers can be made to age twice as fast to be ready for battle. So they can so the same with Dark troopers with even more advance technology seeing as technology advances since the time of the Clone Wars. So why not take lessons from the past and use what the republic did, and get ready to take back the galaxy quicker then just building a regular army.

    The conclusion:

    Ahsoka is looking for Thrawn who is back in play making a new army of clones and Moff Gideon who could be working with him is helping undersee that happen and is potentially trying to become force sensitive and might be in a Darth Vader cult. Ahsoka is attempting to stop thrawn and has found Ezra dead or alive. Baby Yoda might be able to join in and this will be a big fight against Thrawn perhaps in something like the rumored Ahsoka series that would be on Disney+.

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    Baby Yoda's Origins

    From Redditor u/Democrab:

    One of the clear mysteries of The Mandalorian is the origin of The Child, some people have been saying that it's a clone of Yoda but I don't really like that theory when there's a lot of known information that ties so well into the idea of Baby Yoda being a contingency plan for an unknown, but dangerous future set in motion by Yoda years before Anakin made his presence known, due to the sheer uncertainty of the future at that point.

    We know Baby Yoda was born around the same time as Anakin, who we know was born as a direct result of a Sith Ritual done while the Sith were still in hiding. We also know Sifo-Dyas was a Jedi Knight (But not yet a Master) shortly before Anakin's birth when Dooku left the order and foresaw the Clone Wars, but foresight in general was much more limited than normal for the Jedi at the time due to the dark side and finally, we're aware that out of a species we've only seen 3 individuals from we had both a male and a female both be Jedi Masters at this time.

    I think that Plagueis and Sidious did their Sith ritual while trying to limit the ripples in the force, but some still got out because they were seriously pushing things when they accidentally created Anakin...Some that while still very subtle, were noticed by a handful of particularly sensitive Jedi including Yoda, Yaddle and Sifo-Dyas (I also think Qui-Gon is in this group too, but not particularly relevant to the theory) who all decided to try and figure out what exactly happened because this was something completely different to the normal ripples they felt every day but had little luck due to there being barely a shadow of a lead to go on...with one exception: Sifo-Dyas, who was noted to have very powerful foresight to the point where it's canon that he foresaw the Clone Wars and started pushing for the creation of an army, eventually going to Kamino by himself to get the clone army created when his views forced him out of the Jedi. However, while against the creation of an army (and the public admission that the Jedi are unsure of the future and frightened by it) at that point, Yoda is still aware that the future is uncertain and that Sifo-Dyas could be right which leads him to think up another plan, one that he keeps hidden from virtually all of the other Jedi except for a small handful and that was radically changed ~9 years later when Anakin made his presence as the Chosen One known to the Jedi: I think that Baby Yoda is actually Yoda's attempt at the creation of a chosen one via the procreation of two very powerful light side Jedi. Baby Yoda was still being raised after that point, but with the view that it'll one day "just" be a powerful Jedi, especially after the Jedi were all but wiped out, I'd wager Yoda's plan at that point was to either tell Luke/Leia about it at the right time as a Force Ghost if they worked out, or straight up train it as a Force Ghost when it was old enough if they didn't (Until Kylo/Ben kinda screwed that up) and the events of the Mandalorian is the tale of yet another one of Baby Yoda's protectors and carers during a period when the Jedi weren't reestablished and the Child was still only starting to reach an age where training would be considered. At this stage, I wouldn't be surprised if we find out it was training with Luke post-Mandalorian but pre-Ben turning or that it was still being protected and winds up being trained by Rey when she's reestablishing the Jedi, introduced to her by a Force Ghost Yoda, naturally.

    Another thing that ties into it is that when Luke races off to Cloud City and Yoda tells Obi Wan "There is another," he could actually be meaning Baby Yoda and their ability to remain as a conscious after death. I actually prefer that to it meaning Leia because it completely changes the context to something that suits the larger canon outside of the OT better to me: It's Yoda saying in 3 simple words that they will undo their mistake with Anakin eventually, because even if Luke was turned and Leia beaten, they still have another plan that can work and plenty of time to enact it thanks to Qui Gon figuring out how to become a Force Ghost along with the ability to make up new plans for the exact same reason.

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    Shaak Ti Helped Grogu Escape The Jedi Temple Purge

    From Redditor u/Charl-Ti:

    Now this is a MAJOR long shot. Like stupidly so. This is pretty much just me being a major Shaak Ti fan and clutching at straws. But as she doesn’t have a OFFICIAL canon death (both deleted episode III scenes have been deemed not canon, you can maybe argue Master Yoda's vision in Clone Wars, but visions are often flawed, Shaak’s death could have just been a representation of the council) then there’s possibly a place for her in Mando? We know that someone helped Grogu escape the temple, but who? If you’re a fan of legends, you may know that she helped some younglings (potentially including little Grogu) and temple staff escape whilst battling Vader to a stalemate before escaping herself and fleeing to Felucia, where she eventually meets her end at the hands of Starkiller. This is a much more preferred ending to Shaak Ti amongst fans I think, rather than her wasted potential in the canon scenes. It would be an easy story to tell, as by the time the Mandalorian comes around, even in Legends Master Ti wouldn’t be alive by then, so it would be quick and easy to explain whilst also being really and end to the confusion around her death. Obviously it would mean making Starkiller canon, which they probably won’t want to do. Like I said, there’s pretty much no way this would happen, but it was a cool theory that popped into my head.

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