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The History Of Mandalore Could Be More Important To 'The Mandalorian' Than You Think

While Mandalorian culture has only been hinted at during the big-screen Star Wars films, the recent arrival of The Mandalorian on Disney+ has kicked off a renewed interest in the fabled group of people from a galaxy far, far away. Thankfully, the Star Wars universe is much bigger than just a feature film franchise as there is so much lore to dive into - including Mandalorian history - that one could probably get an advanced degree in the subject. You can even find some of that lore in other shows like The Mandalorian.

Though everyone is wondering what's up with the widely popular "Baby Yoda" and his ties to the Jedi, the titular bounty hunter and the galactic history of his enigmatic warrior race are just as interesting, and even feature some other notable Star Wars characters. If you were one of those fans who was delighted by the return of Darth Maul at the end of 2018's Solo, you might be glad to find he also has some stakes in Mandalorian history. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi appears in the story of Mandalore. And some fans might be surprised to learn that Boba Fett is not a true Mandalorian, but rather a bounty hunter whose obtained Mandalorian armor. 

From the Mandalorian language to the Old Republic Mandalorians, the history of Mandalore has seen its people face destruction and combat as well as peaceful resistance and, of course, an abundance of honor.