'The Mandalorian' Takes A Detour To Coruscant In A Deeply Weird Hour Of Star Wars TV



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The Mandalorian episode “The Convert” could refer to either Din or Bo or Dr. Pershing? After an exciting opening that featured an awesome starfighter fight, the show took a detour to Coruscant to catch us up on cloning aficionado Dr. Pershing to see how he's managing in the New Republic's amnesty program. It was certainly interesting to see a somewhat normal side of Star Wars than we normally do. Are they setting up the cloning on Palpatine in Rise of Skywalker? We kinda hope not, but it was nice to have an episode that wasn't just a fetch quest for Mando and Grogu. 

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    Thrawn Tactics

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    Roll With It

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    I'm What Now?

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    Turns Out

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    Coming Soon To Galaxy's Edge?

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    Get It Together

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