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Who Was The MVP Of Season One Of 'The Mandalorian'?

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The Mandalorian proved to be flagship series of plucky streaming service Disney Plus. Not only did it launch a thousand Baby Yoda memes, but it delivered high quality Star Wars action and adventure that rivaled the big screen adventures. This was a season filled with some of the most BAMF fighters in the galaxy, but only one can hold the crown of MVP.  Who was the one character you would most want in your squad? 

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  • Din Djarin1

    Din Djarin

    The Mandalorian himself. He's armed with a flame-thrower, missles, a grabbling hook, and by the end a jetpack. Single-handedly takes down a Tie-Fighter. And all to protect his "clan of two." Sure, "The Child" is cute, but he'd be nowhere without Mando. 

  • Grogu (The Child)2

    Undeniably the show's breakout star. He gets sleepy after a fight, but he's a slayer of frogs, can hold Mudhorns in midhair, and repel a fireball with a flick of his magic hand thing. Also a healer, so that helps out in a pinch.

  • IG-113


    A former assassin, this droid is reprogrammed to be a protector of The Child. Can single-handedly take out waves of Stormtroopers while carrying Baby Yoda in a Baby Bjorn. In the final episode, he makes the ultimate sacrifice so Mando and company can survive. 

  • Cara Dune4

    Cara Dune

    As someone from Alderaan and a fomer Rebel shock trooper, she has no love for the Empire. She saved Mando and the Child numerous times and can wield a heavy cannon like a tank.

  • The Armorer5

    The Armorer

    A Mandalorian who doesn't have time to grieve. The ferocious Mandalorian armor and weapons maker can also take out a squad of stormtroopers with her trusty tools. 

  • Kuiil6


    Formerly enslaved by the Empire, this Ugnaught moisture farmer proves to be a valuable ally to Mando and The Child. He also reprograms IG-11 from a killer to a protector. So without Kuill, there is no IG-11 redemption.

  • Mandalorians7


    It's not a race, it's a creed. A creed with jetpacks and the coolest armor in the galaxy. Saving Mando and the Child from a group of bounty hunters, the Mandalorians prove that there is no better fighting force around.

  • Greef Karga8

    Greef Karga

    Ex-magistrate and current leader of the bounty hunter guild. His shifting alliances make him unreliable but in the end, he does the right thing. You have to appreciate that he's not afraid to take a swig of alcohol during a tense standoff.

  • Omera9


    A seemingly quiet farmer who provided sanctuary for Mando and the Child, she proves herself to be a skilled marksman. People on the internet too much were very upset that someone in the Star Wars universe could be naturally talented at something.

  • Moff Gideon10

    Moff Gideon

    Although he doesn't show up until the last two episodes, Moff Gideon has been set up as Din's arch-enemy. Ruthless and cold-blooded, this former officer in the Imperial secret police, also possesses the Darksaber, one of the most sought after weapons in the galaxy.

  • Peli Motto11

    Peli Motto

    Cantankerous but loving, this mechanic is one of the few people Mando can trust in the galaxy. Not much of a fighter, but sometimes being a MVP means being a babysitter. Plus her hair is straight out of the House of Ellen Ripley.

  • Fennec Shand12

    Fennec Shand

    A deadly sniper, this Bounty Hunter crosses paths with Mando and shows that you don't need a suit of armor to be a threat. She's crafty and smarter than most people she encounters. Her fate at the end of season one is uncertain, so we're bound to see more of her. 

  • The Mudhorn13

    The Mudhorn

    They're big, they're mean, they've got an egg the Jawas want. In the pivotal second episode, Mando is almost defeated by the Mudhorn, until Baby Yoda uses the force and freezes it in midair. The Mudhorn fight is the first time we see this clan of two in action together. They're triumph over the Mudhorn is so pivotal that it becomes their family crest. 

  • The Client14

    The Client

    Leads a team of former Imperials. He sets the entire season in motion by hiring Mando to bring him The Child. He's willing to wipe out anyone who gets in his way. The fact that he's played by Werner Herzog defintely adds to his mystique.

  • Mayfield15


    This bounty hunter is a former Imperial sharpshooter. He's equipped with a rootin' tootin' backpack that makes him especially deadly. Possesses the only Boston accent in the Star Wars universe. 

  • Q9-016


    A mercenary droid who's also a brilliant pilot, he lands the Razor Crest on a New Republic prison ship completey undetected. Faster and smarter than most organic beings and he'll let you know.

  • Xi'an17


    Deadly with a knife and an even sharper tongue. A mercenary, she hints at having a past with Djarin so anyone who can date him isn't anyone you'd want to tangle with.

  • Burg18


    Burg is all Devaronian muscle. Looks like a devil and acts like one too. He's part of a squad that Mando joins to rescue a prisoner of the New Republic. Could be the physically strongest person on the show. 

  • Ranzar Malk19

    Ranzar Malk

    A former partner to Mando, Ran works with the most nefarious people in the galaxy. Joins an illustrious group of people who have been blown up by X-Wings.

  • Toro Calican20

    Toro Calican

    A wannabe Bounty Hunter who almost gets the best of Mando. He takes out the more experienced Fennec Shand on his own, proving that being a badass isn't always about bringing in the most bounties. 

  • Qin21


    Mando leads a squad of mercenaries on a mission to rescue Qin from a New Republic ship. As a fighter he remains an unknown, but as a plot device, he was essential to the sixth episode.