Who Was The MVP Of Season One Of 'The Mandalorian'?

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The Mandalorian proved to be flagship series of plucky streaming service Disney Plus. Not only did it launch a thousand Baby Yoda memes, but it delivered high quality Star Wars action and adventure that rivaled the big screen adventures. This was a season filled with some of the most BAMF fighters in the galaxy, but only one can hold the crown of MVP.  Who was the one character you would most want in your squad? 

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  • Din Djarin
    1,229 votes

    The Mandalorian himself. He's armed with a flame-thrower, missles, a grabbling hook, and by the end a jetpack. Single-handedly takes down a Tie-Fighter. And all to protect his "clan of two." Sure, "The Child" is cute, but he'd be nowhere without Mando. 

  • Grogu (The Child)

    Undeniably the show's breakout star. He gets sleepy after a fight, but he's a slayer of frogs, can hold Mudhorns in midhair, and repel a fireball with a flick of his magic hand thing. Also a healer, so that helps out in a pinch.

  • IG-11


    1,182 votes

    A former assassin, this droid is reprogrammed to be a protector of The Child. Can single-handedly take out waves of Stormtroopers while carrying Baby Yoda in a Baby Bjorn. In the final episode, he makes the ultimate sacrifice so Mando and company can survive. 

  • Cara Dune

    Cara Dune

    1,108 votes

    As someone from Alderaan and a fomer Rebel shock trooper, she has no love for the Empire. She saved Mando and the Child numerous times and can wield a heavy cannon like a tank.

  • The Armorer

    The Armorer

    1,156 votes

    A Mandalorian who doesn't have time to grieve. The ferocious Mandalorian armor and weapons maker can also take out a squad of stormtroopers with her trusty tools. 

  • Kuiil


    1,069 votes

    Formerly enslaved by the Empire, this Ugnaught moisture farmer proves to be a valuable ally to Mando and The Child. He also reprograms IG-11 from a killer to a protector. So without Kuill, there is no IG-11 redemption.