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15 Times The Mandela Effect Seemed To Change Famous Brand Names

4 Jun 2020 120.9k votes 15.3k voters 307.1k views15 items

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The Mandela Effect is the name of a phenomenon that occurs when a significantly large group of people collectively misremembers a fact or historical event. The term originated in 2010 when people thought former South African leader Nelson Mandela passed in prison when he actually never did - he passed from a respiratory infection in 2013.

Still, this shared phenomenon has affected everything from Queen lyrics to revelations of paternal lineage in a galaxy far, far away. Perhaps one of the more mind-blowing instances are the ones found in popular brand logos. Plenty of people swear they remember a brand's logo looking a certain way, only to see it in real life and be proven wrong. Here are the "Mandela Effect" brands that may just make you question reality.