12 Examples Of The Mandela Effect In Horror Movies That Really Freaked Us Out

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The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that involves groups of people remembering a specific event or circumstance, but in reality, that event or circumstance is much different than how it is remembered. The paradox has been steadily creeping into pop culture for some time now, and the internet has heaps of examples of the creepy, time-warping, perceived history-changing phenomenon. Examples of the Mandela Effect have shown up in songs, movies, people's personal lives, and a plethora of other places.

As it turns out, it appears that some of the most iconic catchphrases, lines, and even plot points we associate with a few of our favorite horror flicks have fallen victim to the Mandela Effect as well. 

There are so many Mandela Effect examples in this article, we're gonna need a bigger boat. 

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