15 People Who Had Unexplainable Experiences With The Mandela Effect

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Most people have heard about the universal experiences of the Mandela Effect (Berestain/Berestien Bears, Fruit of the Loom Cornucopia, etc.), but how does this mysterious phenomenon change lives on a personal level? We found some of the craziest stories from people who experienced this effect first hand. 

  • 1. Friends All Remember A Shape-Shifting Rock

    From Redditor u/The-one-true-hobbit

    The one that always gets me is particular to my friends and I from when we were kids. There was a creek that ran under the street in the neighborhood and we would sometimes hang out in the banks on either side of the road. There was this big rock that we would sit on all the time. Except one day we were walking by and it wasn’t a rock. It was a small tree. Fully rooted in and established and the rock was no where to be seen. Mind you, it was an extremely heavy boulder. We passed that spot all the time and all of us remember that rock. We call it the shapeshifting rock.

  • 2. Someone Thought They Found Their Long Lost Friend 

    From Redditor u/Scared-Huckleberry64:

    I had a best friend who I went to kindergarten with. He had an older brother the same age as my older brother, and they would get into fights all the time. Their family lived a couple houses away from ours. For reasons unknown, they abruptly moved away halfway through the school year and we never saw or heard from them again. Take note that I had a specific nickname at this time in my life.

    About 14 years later, I was at a friend's apartment one night, hanging out with a few people. Some friends of theirs came over to join us, and this guy walked in who looked really familiar. I thought it could be my long-lost friend, but I didn't say anything. Turns out his name was the same. I still didn't say anything. Take note that no one in the room knew my nickname from way back when.

    After a while, he points at me and asks if my name is (said nickname.) It had to be him! I said yes and asked if he used to go to the aforementioned school. He said no.


    I asked him if he had an older brother. He said no.


    We had a long, strange conversation weeding out facts from non-facts that we remembered about each other. He remembered me, but I had a ton of (apparently) incorrect memories about him. But he was the same kid.

    The next day, I interrogated my whole family about everything they remembered about his family and all our information was the same across the board. The school, the town we lived in, the brother, etc.

    Years later, my husband catches me off guard with the fruit of the loom Mandela effect (I definitely remember the horned basket!) and this is how I was introduced to this phenomenon. I told him about my former friend, and he told me that's probably my Mandela effect experience.

  • 3. Students From Brazil Remember Watching Dragon Ball Z On 9/11

    From Redditor u/rest_explorer:

    Ok ok hear me out.

    First of all: in Brazil you tipically don't go to school (middle school or high school, doesn't matter) for the whole day. You are in school either in the morning (usually 7.30 am to noon) or in the afternoon (usually 1pm to 5.30pm).

    Every single person who was a kid in Brazil (and was not in school in the mornings) when 9/11 happened remembers watching Dragon Ball Z and having it be interrupted for the breaking news of the attacks. And I mean EVERYONE. It comes up every time someone asks "what were you doing when 9/11 happened".

    Except DBZ wasn't on at that time. Someone checked the airing times and compared to the time when the attacks happened. Definitely not on.

    Still, a whole generation of kids is 100% sure they were watching DBZ when the news broke out.

    edit: wow this blew up etc etc. also holy f*ck everyone saying that this isn't real and they edited the timetables after the fact. You sound like conspiracy theorists. Look up Occam's Razor. This has been thoroughly discussed by Brazilians on the internet. It's not something new. Someone else said it in this thread: the tv show that played DBZ wasn't even aired on that day.

  • 4. Someone Grieved Over A Neighbor Who Is Still Alive

    From Redditor u/Reaper621:

    I grew up with these sweet old people down the street, they were instrumental in helping us in many Airbus while I was a kid. They both came to my wedding, we thought of them as family. She died ten years ago, he died three years ago.

    Mom and I were talking last night, and she said something about the old man and how his daughters still visit him. I'm like... But Charlie died though. You and dad went to his funeral in 18.

    I swear, I grieved this man dying already. No one believes me.


  • 5. The Brother That Fell Into A Well Never Existed

    From Redditor u/devgrv:

    My grandparents have 5 daughters and 1 son. When I was 10 I went to their place during my vacations. I specifically remember my grandma saying she had another son who died falling in the well when he was little.

    I remember my grandma crying recalling him and my mom never letting me go near that well.We didn't talk about it much after that.

    A while back a kid fell into the well while playing cricket. I was discussing with my mom how unfortunate this is and how her brother also died the same way. She didn't knew what the hell was I talking about. She never had any dead brother.

  • 6. Someone Remembers Their Favorite Old Shirt In A Completely Different Color

    From Redditor u/SK570:

    I don't know if it counts, but I had a favorite orange t-shirt and I haven't seen it in years. Asked my mom if she knows anything about it and described the drawings on it. She went "You mean the turquoise one? It's in x drawer" I fought her a while about it and finally went to check the said drawer and there it was, my favorite "orange" shirt in all its turquoise glory.