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17 Insane Manga Versions Of Your Favorite Marvel Superheroes 

Stephan Roget
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There are manga versions of just about everything, so it stands to reason there are manga versions of Western superheroes out there. While there are plenty of unlicensed manga Batmen brooding around, both DC and Marvel Comics have attempted to enter the market by publishing their own, official manga. DC played things fairly safe, but Marvel embraced the madness of manga in full, with their long-running Marvel Mangaverse. No character history was too sacred to be drastically altered and “manga-fied” in the Mangaverse, and no superhero was safe from the chaos.

The Marvel Mangaverse included a manga Spider-Man, a manga Wolverine, and even a nigh-unrecognizable manga Punisher. Each character is somewhat recognizable as a famous superhero, they just happen to be insane manga versions of said famous superheroes. Manga is well-known (and well-loved), for its multitude of bizarre and occasionally off-putting tropes, and they’re all at play in the Marvel Mangaverse. All of this weirdness added up to success for Marvel, and the Mangaverse stuck around for two separate two-year runs. Those four non-consecutive years produced some of the most bananas versions of Marvel superheroes in the publishing company's long history. 

Black Cat Is A Cyborg Seductress
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If you thought that the regular version of Black Cat’s costume was scandalous, fix your gaze upon the Mangaverse Black Cat and her gravity-defying outfit. This Black Cat is a non-powered ally of Spider-Man, who is literally split in half by Manga Daredevil (he's a villain and member of the Shadow Clan in the Mangaverse).

After her untimely demise, Manga Black Cat is rebuilt as a cyborg, gaining fingertip blades reminiscent of Lady Deathstrike’s. The people who resurrect her also insert a kill switch in her brain and force her to do missions for them, making Black Cat the Mangaverse version of the Suicide Squad.

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Spider-Man Is A Magical Ninja
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Nothing is right when it comes to Mangaverse Spider-Man. No longer a victim of radioactive circumstances, the Manga Peter Parker is a member of the ninja Spider Clan, trained from a young age in the art of spider-related combat (whatever that means). Peter becomes the last member of the clan when his uncle and sensei, Ben, is killed by Venom.

He then gains the ability to shoot webs, for some reason, and is later able to pass that gift on amorously to Mary Jane Watson, making her Spider-Woman. His abilities appear to be on par with those of the mainstream Spider-Man, although we’re meant to believe that Peter gained them solely through training. It's fitting, given his character design’s similarity to Dragon Ball Z’s Krillin.

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Tigra Is A Furry Fantasy
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Tigra is a relatively minor character in the mainstream Marvel universe, but her Manga-fied appearance gives a pretty clear indication of why she was chosen for the series. Mangaverse Tigra is the subject of a curse that leaves her in furry form until she completes 1000 good deeds.

The were-tiger woman then seeks out a younger, sexier Doctor Strange and becomes his assistant, helping him in his campaign against evil forces. Mangaverse Tigra eventually gains the Spear of Shamballah, which greatly increases her power, and also picks up a serious crush on T’Challa, the Black Panther (for obvious reasons).

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Venom Is Spidey’s Samurai Cousin
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Apparently, the 616-version of Peter Parker didn’t have enough drama in his life, because the Mangaverse’s Venom adds to it significantly. This Venom is Spider-Man’s cousin, the result of a previous relationship Aunt May had with a Japanese man. He gets his name from a skin discoloration he picked up from a spider-venom-tipped arrow.

Like Peter, Venom is raised by Sensei Ben, his step-father, and learns the ways of the Spider Clan before joining the rival Shadow Clan, even though they killed his real father. Manga Venom eventually finds a mystical amulet that grants him the ability to turn into a more monstrous, samurai version of himself who can project tentacles and turn limbs into blades. He finds himself working for the Kingpin, and then returns to kill Uncle Ben, setting Manga Spider-Man on his path to superheroism.  

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