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Which Manic Pixie Dream Girl You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Manic Pixie Dream Girls (or "MPDGs") have been a media staple for years. The term, coined in 2005, refers to a quirky female character who exists solely for the emotional fulfillment or betterment of a story's male protagonist. Since its inception, this movie trope has received plenty of criticism for being inherently sexist - these female characters are not written to be interesting in their own right, but to be interesting for the sake of the male lead.

While the MPDG character type is often identified by a few distinctive traits - they may have brightly colored hair, listen to the Smiths, and view the world through a fresh, supposedly inspiring lens - not all are the same. Envisioning the astrological signs as Manic Pixie Dream Girls may reveal the hidden nuances of each character and show you which MPDG you are most like.

  • Photo: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World / Universal Pictures

    Leos are the kings of the jungle, and they like to be treated as such. They're warm, charismatic personalities who naturally attract others. However, they can be short-tempered when they aren't the center of attention. Leos often know what great catches they are and get annoyed when they don't receive the admiration they believe they deserve.

    Leos are most like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Ramona is mysterious, playful, and charming. In the film, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) must defeat Ramona’s league of evil exes in order to date her, which is perhaps the most Leo demand of any demand ever made.

    • Photo: 500 Days of Summer / Fox Searchlight Pictures

      Virgos are analytical, logical, and determined, and they're the hardest-working sign of the zodiac. Virgos can also be overly critical of themselves and everyone around them. Because they sometimes lack the ability to adequately express their emotions, Virgos can seem cold and cynical.

      Virgos are most like 500 Days of Summer’s eponymous character Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), who is one of the more cynical MPDGs - in fact, many don't believe she fits the archetype at all. Summer’s cynicism is opposed to Tom’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) optimism. The logical and practical manner with which Summer handles her relationship with Tom is also reflective of the Virgo personality.

      • Photo: Garden State / Fox Searchlight Pictures

        Libra is the most diplomatic sign of the zodiac. Libras are fair-minded individuals who are obsessed with justice being served. Libras thrive in situations where everyone is getting along, and they tend to avoid conflict.

        Libras are most like Garden State’s Sam (Natalie Portman), whose role is to more or less make everyone else happier. Sam is also a compulsive liar who likes to do one weird thing every day so she feels "unique." She is perhaps the archetypal MPDG, especially in the way she helps protagonist Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff) navigate his emotional difficulties.

        • Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Marla Singer

          Photo: Fight Club / 20th Century Fox

          While Scorpios are highly emotional, they can occasionally come off as coldhearted and intimidating, yet cool. Because of their secretive nature, they're a particularly hard sign to read. On top of that, Scorpios tend to have a dark sense of humor. 

          Scorpios are most like Fight Club’s Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), who goes to cancer support groups because they’re cheaper than movies. Marla is sensual, twisted, and unapproachable, much like Scorpios tend to be.